Which of George Kao's Courses Should You Take?

Which of George Kao's Courses Should You Take?

I’ve been on a mission since 2009 to share knowledge and facilitate experiences that help solopreneurs be joyfully productive in their journey of authentic business. As a result, there are now 20 courses on my website, available for immediate enrollment. Given these choices, clients often ask me which course they should take. This video (and the blog post below) offers a suggested journey... https://www.georgekao.com/blog/courses

Posted by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach on Friday, August 25, 2023

It is a joy and privilege to create an authentic business — a livelihood that is personally and financially fulfilling. And, it’s an adventure that requires tools and skills to sustain oneself and succeed with one’s vision.

I’ve been on a mission since 2009 to share knowledge and facilitate experiences that help solopreneurs be joyfully productive in their journey of authentic business.

As a result, there are now 20 courses on my website, available for immediate enrollment.

Given these choices, clients often ask me which course they should take.

This blog post offers a suggested journey. ​

If you’d like a custom recommendation based on your situation, contact me.

Begin Here…

The first course I highly recommend for all my clients is Authentic BizPlan. It’s where I offer a comprehensive overview of my entire business strategy. Whether you’re beginner or advanced, you’ll gain a clearer and more thoughtful plan, based on my signature viewpoint of joyful productivity and authentic success.

If you’re brand new to business and are struggling with what services to offer and who your ideal clients are, I recommend the CORE Program.

If you know what you’d like to offer, but would love to better clarify how to describe your work and what to write on your website, take the “What do you do?” course.

If your business is established, but wish that your products/services sold better, consider the Offer Revision Workshop.

What if you’re in a hurry to get new clients? Take the Authentic Client Outreach course as well as Simple Authentic Moneymaking to get inspiring and step-by-step guidance for attracting new clients. By implementing these ideas, you should be well on your way to filling your client roster.

Among the most important skill sets for a self-employed professional is how to manage time effectively and take wise action, consistently and joyfully. If you’d like to reboot how you plan your time, how to overcome procrastination daily, and learn my recommended habits to make your work productive and joyful, check out The Joyful Productivity Course. Clients often say that this course was foundational for them.

What if you have a lot of ideas and feel disorganized? Check out the Framework Course to give yourself an organized structure in which to contain all your ideas in a way that is usable in your business.

Having a great relationship to money (spending, making, saving, investing) is essential for a thriving self-employment. To get my training for your money mindset and habits, take Conscious Money Flow.

Already found the course you need? Go ahead and take the next step. Enroll and enjoy! Bookmark this article and return after you finish the course, should you need additional skills.

Creating Authentic Content…

Next up are four courses that will help you to create content consistently:

  • Authentic Content Flow will give you the step-by-step guidance and inspiration to create your own authentic content, and to do it consistently. You’ll also get clarity on how to track and repurpose your best content, so that you don’t have to always be creating new things, but can bring back your best. This allows you to show up for your ideal audience through your blog, social media, or email newsletter. Creating content is essential for helping you explore and discover depth and breadth of your message.

  • Authentic Video Creation will train and inspire you to finally make videos in a simple and authentic way. You don’t need to learn video editing or get fancy equipment. What your ideal audience needs is your authentic presence. To see and hear you will make a real difference for potential clients in deciding whether to work with you. You’ll get access to a very supportive (and private) FB group where you can experiment with creating/sharing your authentic videos!

  • Creating Simple Courses helps you to take your message and convert it into products that will earn you passive income. You’ll learn how to choose your own course topics, and understand the logistics for creating and launching an online course. It also offers a directory of fellow course creators to work with!

  • The Blog-to-Book Course is a natural follow-up to the Content Flow course. You’ll now get complete step-by-step guidance for putting your writings into book format and launching them. The course was created after I wrote and self-published four books and carefully documented my journey. Cut the learning curve by getting my checklists and guidance!

  • If you’re interested in learning the best-in-class Ai (artificial intelligence) tools — such as ChatGPT and Midjourney — and how they can be effectively used by solopreneurs, take my Ai for Solopreneurs course.

Growing Your Reach…

Let’s say you’ve published content online, and wish for it to reach a lot more of your ideal audience. Here are the courses to help you grow your reach:

  • Netcaring is one of the 2 major strategies I recommend for getting content and offers to the right audiences. (The other major strategy is social media Ads.) There are many people out there who have already built engaged audiences, so why not tap into their work, instead of re-inventing the wheel or working in isolation? This course teaches you how to find the right collaborators, how to reach out to them (what to say) and the various types of collaborations.

  • Facebook/IG Ads is my most popular course. It’s no surprise: running Ads on FB & IG is the easiest way to get content (and offers) distributed to many people, no matter what type of person you’re trying to reach. You can target your message to people in specific locations, age range, gender, and interests.

  • Instagram Strategy shows you how I use Instagram to share my message with a global audience that tends to be more holistic, artsy, and socially aware than the average FB audience. Yes, you can easily share wisdom via Instagram. You just need to employ the right strategy.

  • LinkedIn Strategy & Ads for the Self-Employed is my recommended way to use LinkedIn to grow the reach of your content, and to curate a network of connections that you really care about. Plus, you’ll learn how to use LinkedIn Ads to reach users who have specific interests.

  • Authentic SEO teaches you my unique step-by-step way to effectively research keywords that are being searched by your ideal audience, and then how to update your content and website to integrate those keywords, as well as a few other major methods for “getting to the first page of Google”.

All of the above mentioned courses are available for you to enroll and enjoy immediately.

When you sign up for a course, you also get access to two of my Monthly Q&A Calls, for us to interact in real time about any of your business challenges.

Any questions about any of the courses, feel free to contact me.