Virtual Work Retreats Facilitated by George Kao

If you've never experienced one, you've got to try it :)

You'll find yourself in a mysteriously and calmly focused environment where you accomplish a lot... the power of group intention towards joyful productivity.

We look forward to having you experience it!

You get access to 2 months of these work retreats when you sign up for any of George Kao’s courses.

These retreats are also an ongoing benefit for members of the Soul Gym and ABC/Masterheart programs. Or by George's personal invitation.

There are 2 versions of the retreat:

  • 8-hour version, which is at a time zone that works for the Americas and Europe.

  • 2-hour version, which is at various time zones, including ones that can work for Australia / Asia.

If you sign up, we need you to show up on time and stay for the whole retreat -- there will be plenty of breaks. (However, if you really cannot, it's ok to show up later, or leave when you need to, although we will be sad ;-)

You'll get the Zoom link once you sign up.

The Format:

  • intention setting, with breakout groups during the 8-hour version.
  • bit of Q&A with George (via chat) as needed to clarify one's work during the retreat.
  • plenty of quiet co-working time with occasional check-ins to celebrate progress and further set intentions.
  • plenty of breaks of course 😊

People who are attending it seem to be getting a lot of good work done and they're enjoying the group!

The Schedule:

Scroll down this page to see an embedded list of these work retreats.

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2-Hour Work Retreats

8-Hour Work Retreats

Below you'll see an embedded real-time list of the upcoming work retreats.  Click on any event for more info. At the end of each month, check back on this page for additional sessions for the following month. On the bottom right, click the +Google Calendar to add it to your own google calendar.