How May I Support You?


​You can access all my services from this page (scroll down.)

​If you've been to my knowledge page, you'll know that I give away a lot of content for free.  This is my public service.  I hope you will benefit from it as well.

I love teaching online workshops. If you'd like to learn my business and marketing strategies in a step-by-step way, check out my online courses.

When I'm not creating content or serving clients, I provide free support via my Public Facebook Page.

I look forward to serving you through one of these methods!

​​~ George Kao

George Kao
Sri Arathi Ma - Spiritual Healer

“George Kao is a trailblazer in the field of online coaching and marketing. He stands out as someone who has changed Coaching by truly applying the spiritual values of honesty, caring, integrity, and common sense. I value his tireless effort to digging deeper every day to find the best ways for creating an authentic income. I believe that eventually more coaches will follow in his footsteps.”

Spiritual Healer

Free/Public E-Coaching 

Free content & support via my public Facebook Page.

Online Workshops

Learn my strategies step-by-step with my courses.

George Kao
Karen McMullen - Live Your Genius, Inc.

“Having an internet-based business is new for me. Until now, I've marketed my business doing live events and public speaking.

I started working with George as my coach to help me with this next chapter of business on-line which is new territory.

George Kao is one of a kind in the business world, having dismantled his high-earning business to deliberately earn the least amount that he can in order to live sustainably (in the expensive San Francisco area none-the-less).

While most people are focused on more, more, more... playing a "bigger game"... George is focused instead on how he can monetize the least, while serving the most, giving in the deepest and most fulfilling way.

He gives all of his best content away for free. Doesn't accept affiliate commissions. And focuses on curating a small group of business owners as his 1-1 clients. I'm blessed to be one of them.

I think he's a radical example of the direction of healthy leadership and business. I invite you to check him out. Watch and learn. And if you're drawn to work with him privately or be in his online workshops, I highly recommend his work.”

Live Your Genius, Inc.