Online Courses
by George Kao

Photo by Dani Gardner
George Kao delivers inspirational and action-packed workshops that move your business forward.

The workshops are online, so you can attend from anywhere with internet.

The following are available for instant purchase, and are listed in recommended order:

  1. Authentic Business Planning for Self-Employed Professionals (recommended first course)

  2. FAR Intention Setting Workshop: Set Effective Vision & Action Plans that Allow You To Follow-Through

  3. The CORE Program: Get Clear​ On What To Offer in Your Business and Learn to do Market Research Simply

  4. Revolutionize Your Creativity: Using A.I. Tools To Grow Your Authentic Business

  5. The Offer Revision Workshop: Reframe Your Offerings with Authentic Copywriting (for those who already took the CORE program and want to further optimize.)

  6. Authentic Outreach: Joyful, Honest Methods for Keeping Your Client Roster Full 

  7. The Joyful Productivity Program

  8. Healthy Money Mindset & Habits
  9. Authentic Content Flow: Get into a Consistent Rhythm of Sharing Your Message​

  10. Create Your Framework: Organize Your Ideas into a Methodology and Curriculum That is Uniquely Yours

  11. Netcaring: How to Wisely Keep in Touch + Find New Kindred Spirits

  12. “What Do You Do?” – Integrate Your Deep & Diverse Work Into a Coherent Intro & About Page

  13. Simple Authentic Moneymaking Workshop

  14. LinkedIn for the Self-Employed:
    Optimize Your Profile
    Nurture an Ideal Network
    & Grow Your Business

  15. Authentic Video Creation & Practice Group

  16. Creating and Marketing Your Own Online Courses

  17. Instagram Marketing -- Simple & Authentic Strategies to Grow Your Ideal Audience
  18. Facebook Marketing & Facebook Ads for Authentic Businesses

  19. Authentic SEO and Keyword Research To Help Ideal Clients Find You
  20. Simple Book Creation: How To Write, Edit, Self-Publish

There will be additional workshops announced. 

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