LinkedIn for the Self-Employed:

Optimize Your Profile
Nurture an Ideal Network
& Grow Your Business

Online Training + Student Community

Hosted by George Kao



I’ve been actively using LinkedIn since 2006. I’ve taught LinkedIn "how-to" classes to more than a thousand people, most of them non-corporate professionals such as coaches and healers.

Based on that data, here’s my educated guess:

You probably have a LinkedIn profile… and so do most people you know. 

You might even get occasional emails from LinkedIn about your network… and so do most people you know :)

Recently, due to Facebook's declining reputation, many people are moving to LinkedIn to connect with their online community.

It’s a great time to update and optimize your LinkedIn profile and presence.

Imagine having a profile that feels authentic to you and engaging for your ideal clients and colleagues.

Imagine knowing how to engage on LinkedIn (at whatever pace feels right to you) in a way that nurtures your ideal network.

You might dislike the transactional nature of how online "networking" is usually done. However, you also know the importance of keeping in touch professionally with past clients, potential clients, and colleagues who could refer clients to you.

This course shows you how to be a caring professional on LinkedIn and helps you to be top-of-mind for those who would be glad to either hire you or refer clients.

This course will help you understand:

  • The 3-part strategy of using LinkedIn effectively and authentically, based on a clear understanding (taught in the course) of why people choose to work with service providers.

  • My recommendation for how LinkedIn should fit into an overall marketing strategy for a self-employed professional. In other words, how to make contact with the many people who would be interested in your services/products.

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for ideal connections. For example, if you’re “woo-woo,” your ideal clients will actually appreciate seeing that in your LinkedIn profile. (Don’t try to please everyone nor try hard to “look professional”. Show up for those who resonate with who you authentically are.)

  • In this course we’ll not only talk about how to do things, but actually get things done, such as optimizing your profile and getting feedback from fellow students. This is key to why this course is different from many others.

  • Walking through the most important LinkedIn settings and my suggestions for those. You’ll be given time to change the settings during the course so that your LinkedIn account is optimized.

  • You’ll learn how the LinkedIn algorithm works. During the course, you’ll practice getting your posts seen by more of your network… and those outside your network, too.

  • The different types of content on LinkedIn -- based on your business, what type of posts are best for you to get more engagement?

  • How to demonstrate trustworthiness on LinkedIn when there seems to be so much selling there?
  • Who are your ideal connections? We’ll work on clarifying that. And what’s the difference between connections vs followers?

  • Whom should we accept connections from? Whom should you request connections from? Should we break connections with those that aren’t professionally relevant to us?

  • When we’re on LinkedIn, how to understand the cluttered interface and what should we be focusing on? No more overwhelm – you’ll find a streamlined and efficient way to engage authentically on LinkedIn.

  • Do LinkedIn hashtags really matter? How do we test which ones work best for us?

  • In what way do LinkedIn Groups still matter?

  • We will also work on LinkedIn Ads so that you’ll be easily able to reach tens of thousands of potential ideal clients and referral sources. (LinkedIn Ads is easier to learn than Facebook Ads!)

  • The weekly checklist (or monthly checklist – if you prefer) to help you use LinkedIn to nurture an ideal network that you genuinely enjoy 😊

What You'll Receive:

  • 8 Hours of Training Videos to walk you through all the points listed above -- the key strategies and checklists to use LinkedIn effectively and efficiently to grow your professional presence.

  • 2 Group Q&A Calls that I facilitate where you can ask any questions (and if you cannot attend, to have me record my responses to you.) For more info -- Dates of George Kao Q&A Calls.

Lifetime access to the recordings.

Everything included for just $150 USD.

The Student Community:

Besides the course material, perhaps the most valuable aspect is the community you'll gain access to in this program.

You'll meet fellow holistic practitioners and service providers who are also implementing these ideas to improve their Linkedin presence. You’ll get to learn from each other’s experiences.

There will be a structured way to trade feedback about LinkedIn profiles and posts, as well as potentially make new friends who can introduce you to new clients and referral sources.

The community is hosted via Simplero (not Facebook) and you'll have ongoing and perpetual access to it, long after the live calls have completed.


By engaging in this course, you’ll learn and practice how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, and a method you can use ongoingly – every week if you’d like – to make effective use of LinkedIn, to be top-of-mind for your ideal clients and referral sources 👏🏽

Everything relevant is recorded and sent to participants. The kind of feedback you’ll get in the student community could be quite valuable to your business as you optimize your LinkedIn profile and engagement.

Any questions? Contact George Kao.

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    “With George's clear guidance, the impenetrable and forbidding forest that had been LInkedIn has instead become an open sunlit field. Amazing!

    I feel like I've discovered another country I can enjoy visiting and I feel so joyful about this discovery.”

    Spiritual Guide

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    “I have taken several of George's courses and always learn a lot. His approach to teaching, including recordings and interactive reference documents, lets me master the content in my own way at my own pace.

    The LinkedIn course was one of the absolute best yet.”

    Richard Hill

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    “George Kao's LinkedIn Course is the most in depth and useful LinkedIn course I've attended (and I've taken a few.)

    In this course, you'll get all you need for using LinkedIn effectively and authentically.

    I highly recommend it!”

    Psychologist & Leadership Expert