There are 2 types of Q&A calls that George hosts...

  1. Monthly Q&A Call for Recent Students -- see next section
  2. Weekly Q&A Calls for ABC and MasterHeart -- see bottom of page

Monthly Q&A for Recent Students

Even though the live call is once a month, you can submit questions via the Monthly Q&A form and I can sometimes record my response for you even before the calls... 

Upcoming dates/times:

  • Tues July 23 @ 5:30pm Pac / 8:30pm East
    ...which is Sydney time next day @ 10:30am

  • Weds July 24 @ 9am Pac / 12pm East / 5pm BST

You are eligible for these if:

  • You paid for a George Kao course within the past 2 months valued at $80+ USD. Go ahead and sign up for a spot below! 

  • Or, if you are a member of the Soul Gym Content Creation Program, you have access to these, but don't sign up below... it's in the Soul Gym Calendar and you can just show up...

  • The calendar below only shows the upcoming month's Q&A calls.  To see the following month's calls, revisit this page in a few weeks. If you are eligible, you'll receive a reminder email about it.

You need to be logged into this website first. 

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Questions you can bring to these Q&A calls...

  • Clarification: "I'm trying to implement what you taught in Course XYZ, but I don't understand ____________."

  • Troubleshooting: "I seem to be doing XYZ right, but why am I not getting expected results?"

  • Curiosity: "I learned about XYZ strategy from another business/marketing expert. What do you think about it?"

Click here for the Q&A recorded segments

Soul Gym Members

Instead of signing up above, click here for the Soul Gym Calendar which has the access link for these monthly Q&A calls. Thank you.

ABC / MasterHeart Members

You have member-only Q&A calls with me 10 times a month! For access, click here for that info in our private group. See you soon 🤗