There are 2 types of Q&A calls that George hosts...

  1. Monthly Q&A Call for Recent Students -- see next section
  2. Weekly Q&A Calls for ABC and MasterHeart -- see bottom of page

Monthly Q&A for Recent Students

Even though the live call is once a month, you can submit questions via the Monthly Q&A form and I can sometimes record my response for you even before the calls... 

Upcoming dates/times:

  • Mon Oct 2 @ 4:30pm Pac / 7:30pm East
    ...which is Sydney time Tues Oct 3 @ 10:30am
    Weds Oct 4 @ 8am Pac / 11am East / 4pm BST

You are eligible for these if:

  • You paid for a George Kao course within the past 2 months. Go ahead and sign up for a spot below!  

  • Or, if you are a member of the Soul Gym Content Creation Program, you have access to these, but don't sign up below... it's in the Soul Gym Calendar and you can just show up...

  • FYI, the signup calendar below is only available for the upcoming month's 2 Q&A calls.  To see the following month's calls, revisit this page in a few weeks. If you are eligible, you'll receive a reminder email about it.

Questions you can bring to these Q&A calls...

  • Clarification: "I'm trying to implement what you taught in Course XYZ, but I don't understand ____________."

  • Troubleshooting: "I seem to be doing XYZ right, but why am I not getting expected results?"

  • Curiosity: "I learned about XYZ strategy from another business/marketing expert. What do you think about it?"

Click here for the Q&A recorded segments

Soul Gym Members

Instead of signing up above, click here for the Soul Gym Calendar which has the access link for these monthly Q&A calls. Thank you.

ABC / MasterHeart Members

You have Q&A calls with me 3 times every week, just for members of ABC and MasterHeart. For access, click here for that info in our private group, or ask your Program Helper for help. See you soon!