There are 2 types of Q&A calls that George hosts...

Monthly Q&A for Recent Students

You are eligible for these if:

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Upcoming dates:

  • December -- Dec 12 @ 9am Pac + Dec 13 @ 6pm Pac
  • January -- Jan 9 @ 6pm Pac Jan 11 @ 9am Pac
  • February -- Feb 6 @ 6pm Pac Feb 8 @ 9am Pac

Questions you can bring...

  • Clarification: "I'm trying to implement what you taught in Course XYZ, but I don't understand ____________."

  • Troubleshooting: "I seem to be doing XYZ right, but why am I not getting expected results?"

  • Curiosity: "I learned about XYZ strategy from another business/marketing expert. What do you think about it?"

ABC / MasterHeart Q&A Calls

These happen 3 times every week, just for members of ABC and MasterHeart. Look inside the private group for access to these calls, or ask your Program Helper for the info.