The MasterHeart
Authentic Business
Group Mentoring
with George Kao

George Kao
Liesel Teversham - Mentor for Introverts

“MasterHeart has been the most supportive and warm-hearted group program I've ever been part of. George Kao leads with an incredible generosity of spirit, and therefore it filters down to every member. I've never had so much support, answers to my questions, input, perspective shifts, and caring from fellow members before. My business activities and income are much more stable and consistent after 9 months in the program. I know what actions to keep taking week after week, to keep this going. It doesn't feel like 'it's all up to the gods' anymore - I have control over the actions that lead to more clients. That feels so empowering to me.”

Mentor for Introverts


$222 per month​

​1 year commitment

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or ask questions by contacting George.

There's also a lighter version called ABC ($111/month)


Watch the video of George explaining MasterHeart & ABC

Andrea J. Lee, one of the pioneers of the Coaching industry who for the last 20 years has coached many entrepreneurs and leaders, has this to say:

Andrea J Lee endorsement of George Kao Group Coaching  Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 3.15.35 PM

The MasterHeart Community
is for You if...

  • You are a heart-based business owner -- prioritizing spiritual and ethical values in the way you run your business.

  • You align with George Kao's philosophies and would like to explore his business strategies to see what resonates for you to implement, to grow your authentic business.

  • You would love to engage with a group of fellow spiritual, and heart-centered, entrepreneurs for mutual support. You'll find peers here, whether you are starting your business, revamping, expanding, or are established and seeking to streamline.

  • You enjoy contributing resources (links and ideas) that you’ve found helpful in your business, and would like to benefit from others’ contributions as well.

  • You would enjoy George Kao's mentoring about your business in a group setting.

  • You have at least 10 hours per week to dedicate to growing your business, considering your responsibilities with family, personal care / health, another job (if any), etc. MasterHeart is only for members who are actively building their business at this time.

  • If you’ve ever thought “I wish I had a dedicated group of people who are working together to implement George Kao’s courses”, then MasterHeart may be for you :)

MasterHeart Group Coaching Includes:

  1. Complimentary Access to 5 Foundational Courses:

    Facebook & Instagram Ads (to distribute your content & offers)  

    Joyful Productivity (because how we work determines our success)

    Authentic Content Flow (create, track, and repurpose your best)

    Netcaring & Authentic Collabs (to grow the reach of your content)

    …and the Authentic Business Summit 2023.

    All of these courses will include updates for 2023!

  2. Complimentary Access to George's Course Library -- an abundance of learning about authentic business and marketing. In addition to the above mentioned courses, you also receive lifetime access to any 10 additional ones from George Kao's Course Library.

  3. Community Connections: special place just for MasterHeart members. This private forum provides ongoing encouragement, support, and celebration of progress. George is there frequently to answer questions. Members say that it’s a continual source of helpful knowledge about business, including solving tech issues, understanding marketing strategy, and anything else related to growing an authentic business. Topics include... 

    • Progress & learnings you recently experienced that might encourage others too
    • Member-to-Member gifts & exchanges: gifted services, courses and programs from (and to) your group mates!
    • Helpful feedback for your offers, sales pages, and other marketing collateral
    • Request support to promote your offers
    • Emotional support needed for business setback/challenge
    • Swap interviews and other collaborations
    • Encouragement buddies for setting impactful intentions
    • Resources, ideas, tools that made a difference for you
    • Questions about anything you’d like to ask the group or George.

  4. Small Accountability Team (up to 5 people) based on topics. Working on your joyful productivity? Rhythm of content creation? Clarity of offers? Collaborations? SEO? Launches? The right team for accountability and encouragement is available to join inside MasterHeart. No additional charge to you. Teams are facilitated by seasoned MasterHeart leaders. These small teams create an inspiring structure for implementing the courses and optimizing systems in your business.

  5. Weekly Summary Email with the links to the best MasterHeart posts & resources, along with the upcoming schedule of calls.

  6. Member-only Netcaring Call -- each week, on this optional call, you’ll get to connect with a fellow MasterHeart member in a private breakout group via Zoom. You’ll be sharing lessons learned and giving each other encouragement and support as appropriate. 30-minutes, one for each major time zone:

    • Americas Day / EU – Mondays 8:30am Pac / 11:30am East / 4:30pm GMT

    • Americas Evening / AU – Mondays 5:30pm Pac…
      • …which is Tuesdays – SG 9:30am or 12:30pm Sydney
        …starting March 14 – SG 8:30am or 11:30am Sydney
        …starting April 4 – SG 8:30am or 10:30am Sydney
        …starting Oct 3 – SG 8:30am or 11:30am Sydney
        …starting Nov 7 – SG 9:30am or 12:30pm Sydney

  7. Group Q&A and Coaching with GeorgeAll calls are optional, and only for members. These calls are where you can get George's guidance. Examples include: which course should you focus on, based on your current situation? What recommended system or process does your business need now? What are the next actions George recommends for you? 3 available calls per week!

    • Every Monday @ 9am Pac / 12pm East / 5pm GMT

    • Every Thursday @ 9am Pac / 12pm East / 5pm GMT

    • Every Thursday also @ 6pm Pac / 9pm East…
      • …which is Fridays Singapore 10am / Sydney 1pm
        …starting March 17 – SG 9am or 12pm Sydney
        …starting April 4 – SG 9am or 11am Sydney
        …starting Oct 6 – SG 9am or 12pm Sydney
        …starting Nov 10 – SG 10am or 1pm Sydney

    • If you cannot attend live, you can submit questions in advance for George to record his response for you.

    • Relevant segments will be recorded and available in the group.

    • At certain times of the year, if there are many questions, George will create additional Q&A calls as needed.

    • There's synergy in learning from one another in a group setting!​

  • Private 1-1 Coaching -- George carves out several openings each week available only to members. Each session can be purchased for just $60 USD per 25-minute meeting. It's completely optional, yet helpful in case you’d like a high level strategy meeting with George every once in a while. 


$222 per month​

​1 year commitment

Request an Application
or ask questions by contacting George.

There's also a lighter version called ABC ($111/month)

Watch the video of George explaining MasterHeart & ABC

  • George Kao

    “MasterHeart is such wonderful authentic intimate community for connection, sharing struggles/challenges, exploring soul-utions, lots of un/learning. Looking forward to continuing to be part of George Kao programs. They are sacred and SANE spaces in the crazy marketing/biz development industry!”

  • George Kao

    “I've been fortunate enough to be in the MH program for 5 years. The value is incalculable!!”

  • George Kao

    “The best group mentoring program I've ever experienced. George's care, attention and expertise, not to mention the community ❤ Exciting the spots are being confirmed soon! 🥳”

  • George Kao

    “Worth every cent you spend. Exceptional support. And community. George is amazing at breaking down things into really do-able bite-sized pieces. He makes being a good human and building a good synonymous and I so appreciate that!”