Tools I Use To Run My Business

Here are the websites & software tools that I've found helpful for my business.

May you benefit from this page of resources!

Video Tools

My Productivity Tools

Money Tools

  • For USA -- Tiller is what I use.  Some of my clients like YouNeedABudget.
  • For Canada --
  • For AU and NZ -- Getpocketbook  
  • Europe & other countries -- Xero  
  • Send money internationally using Wise for better exchange rates
  • Healthy Money (my thoughts and methodology on money management)

Website Tools

Getting Help For Your Website, Copy Editing, Graphic Design & Technical Needs

  • Fiverr (For $5 to $50 you can get logos and graphics created, as well as many other little jobs done.  Could be a good place to find contractors for bigger projects too, by testing their skill with smaller ones.  Here's my video on how I use fiverr.)
  • TaskRabbit (hire local help)
  • 99designs (get professional designs, use my link to get $60 off your first design -- the best discount available online, since I opted to give 100% of my affiliate commissions to the discount)

Image Tools

Online Ideas Collaboration

Online Survey Tools

Online File Sharing

  • Google Drive -- what I use for file sharing with clients and public audiences.
  • Dropbox -- when I'm uploading a very large file (e.g. over 1 gig) this tends to be faster than Google Drive

Audio Tools

Podcasting Tools

Automation Tools

  • Zapier -- for linking together many tools, e.g. Simplero, Google Sheets, Gmail, etc. Lots of possibilities in how to automate your virtual tasks.
  • As mentioned above, for most of my business software, I'm now happily using Simplero

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