Authentic Course Launch:
An Affordable & Light Method
To Create Meaningful Courses​
An Updated Online Training by George Kao
George Kao
Rev. Joanna Bartlett

“I learned exactly what I needed to learn about creating and marketing online courses. This was very engaging, and I'm looking forward to digging in to teaching online and feel confident that I can now do it well!”

I’m grateful to have created, taught, and marketed dozens of online workshops, courses and trainings over the past 12 years. This training teaches my current recommended methods and templates to help you create and launch your online courses.

For those of us who love to learn and teach, creating online courses is one of the most fulfilling activities we can engage in. It’s one of the best ways to integrate our own studies and experiences, as well as to make a bigger impact in the world.

More than ever, students of all ages are seeking to learn online, in a large variety of topic areas.

By creating online courses, we bring together a body of work that can positively impact many more people than we could with individual (1-to-1) work, and can provide a recurring income for years to come. 

The key is to make it easy on yourself to launch and learn. By holding an experimentation mindset, you’ll be able to observe what the market wants from you and therefore correctly choose which topics you should teach.

In this training, I will walk you through my course creation and launch process, sharing my decade of experience with you. I look forward to answering your questions, so that you’ll feel more confident and prepared to create and launch your own courses.

Important -- I will not be teaching course platforms such as Kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, MemberVault, or LearnDash.
Instead, I will demonstrate -- and answer your questions -- about my own method of course delivery, which I’ve successfully used for years. My course delivery method uses Youtube Unlisted Videos + Google Drive + Email List. And I use Zapier to automate everything so that it's all streamlined. My method not only saves money, but also offers more flexibility in how one creates and launches courses.

You can join this class even if you’ve never created a single course. You’ll learn what’s needed to launch lightly, as opposed to the many other course launch methods out there that feel onerous to replicate. In this class you’ll also learn how to gradually improve your courses over time.

Come and learn (and ask me questions about) my process that has been streamlined over a decade of experience!​
​$120 USD

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​You will learn:

  • How to choose course topics that your audience will more likely buy.​

  • The step-by-step method to create your course, avoid perfectionism, and make something of real value for your audience.

  • Course types. You’ll learn the key differences between a webinar, course, workshop, and group program.

  • Course pricing. Especially among the many "free" webinars and classes offered online, how do we come up with a price that is fair to us as creators, yet still provide value that is over-and-above what others are giving away for free?

  • Paid vs Free content. How to differentiate between what content to add in a paid course vs. free channels?

  • Simple solutions for the software and hardware tools that I use and recommend. (Youtube Unlisted, Google Docs, Zapier.)

  • Marketing ideas to help you promote your course. (Of course, having an audience makes it easier, but even if you don’t have one, you probably have friends or colleagues who are willing to help promote your course. You might also connect with mutual promotional partners in our student directory!)

  • The marketing checklist that I use to announce courses, including how far in advance to start promoting, how frequent to announce it, where to promote, etc. (Ethical marketing without being salesy and annoying.)

  • How to deliver the course in an enjoyable way, so that you'll be inspired to keep creating courses :)

You'll also be able to connect with fellow students of this course to trade practice of doing webinars, feedback for your courses, and potentially co-promotions as well.

George Kao
Paul Sampang - Business Coach

“If you've been stressed about creating and delivering a course, this course by George Kao is the cure. His insights provide a different, more honest approach you should consider and adopt.”

Business Coach

​What You'll Receive:

  • 5 Video Modules with specific guidance and tutorials covering the breadth and depth of course creation & launches.

  • 25 Guided Exercises to implement the course material, with timers that help you tap into your creative spark. ​
  • Comprehensive Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation, i.e. a full and detailed outline of the course, complete with all steps to remind you of how to implement.

  • Private Course Directory to connect with fellow students of this course for mutual support.
  • 2 Bonus Group Q&A Calls with George Kao where you can attend and ask your questions. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive the recordings afterwards.

​The Bottom Line:

​For an affordable price, you'll learn a system you can use again and again to keep creating & marketing your own courses.

​$120 USD

George Kao
Dr. Kate Duttro - Career Coach

“This is a good, solid training on making a course with minimal fuss and selling it. The training isn't salesy, and George shows you how to use tools that are easily accessible (and many are free). It's a good way to get started without going into debt or being afraid of being too much a marketer.”

Career Coach

George Kao
Suzanne Culberg - Weight Release Coach

“For anyone overwhelmed about considering launching their course and thinking they need 'all the things' I would highly recommend this course.

George makes it simple and attainable!”

Weight Release Coach

Initial list of topics that are already covered in the course,
with more coming as we do Q&A during the live sessions:

Getting Started

  • Benefits of teaching online
  • What are the various types of online courses?
  • Why you should have a catalog of courses
  • The overall business model wherein an online course fits (concentric circles)
  • Difference between free content vs paid courses?

Course Prep Principles

  • Why no additional research is needed: You already know enough!
  • The rhythm of annual teaching
  • The important principle of launch-and-learn
  • Why you shouldn’t be concerned about creating “deep” transformation…
  • How to improve your courses? Think in terms of versions.

Logistical Prep

  • My step-by-step registration process for students to enroll in the course
  • The basics of how I use Zapier to automate my course enrollment process
  • Hardware needed for course creation?

Choosing Your Course Topics

  • How to decide on course topics?
  • Questions to help you brainstorm course topics
  • How to survey your audience about course topics (various types of surveys)
  • How to outline what you might want to say in the course
  • Should you allow students to make changes to your course materials?
  • How to time the course, a 60-minute sample outline

Steps of Course Preparation

  • 10 Step Course Creation Strategy
  • Why you should create the course *after* you have some signups…
  • Reducing course ideas to prevent student overwhelm
  • Creating a course format that is light to manage and deliver
  • How to price your course?
  • What should the length of your course be?
  • Things you could include in your course (resource guide, etc)
  • Idea for small audiences or beginners: require attendance in order to get recording
  • Should we create a Facebook Group or other forum for each of our courses?
  • What about confidential information that students share?Should we record it?
  • Tech Tools for course creation

Launching/Marketing Your Courses

  • The Basic Marketing Plan
  • Detailed / Advanced Marketing Plan
  • Course Titles — how to write interesting ones? Copywriting tips.
  • How to create credibility re: the topic of your course, without a degree or credential in it?
  • How to track the numbers during our course launch
  • Should we have early bird incentives and expiring bonuses?
  • What if there are not enough sign-ups?
  • How long beforehand to announce your course?
  • Elements of Course Sales Page (what should it say?)
  • What do I mean by making easy-to-read formatting on your sales page?
  • Should we give updates of our courses to previous students?

JV (Partnerships) to Launch Your Course

  • What are JV partnerships (important), and why they don’t have to be trades?
  • How much commission to offer your JV partner?
  • What about tracking sales in JV partnerships… affiliate links?
  • How much effort should a JV partner put into marketing?
  • Be realistic about how much outreach to get 1 JV partner
  • How to reach out to JV partners?
  • JV partners can help you come up with great course ideas…
  • Where to find JV partners?

Teaching Live Sessions

  • Get comfortable looking at yourself on video so you’re not shy about it
  • Notice how I start the course: asking people to chat
  • The importance of showing up, no matter what, imperfectly
  • Things I do 15 minutes before I teach the live session
  • Energetically preparing to teach (a few minutes before I start)
  • What to expect re: attendance rate?
  • First 5 minutes of your live session: get people chatting
  • The 2nd 5 minutes of live session: course overview and yourself
  • The next 45 minutes: your course material in 3 segments
  • Pause for 15 seconds for questions, in between segments
  • Final 5 minutes / how to end your course session

Becoming a Better Teacher Online

  • Practice looking at the camera lens!
  • Being an engaging and more dynamic speaker
  • There’s no perfect online teacher — there’s only learning from experience — your students will always learn something from you
  • What students generally want in a course…

Logistics (after recording the sessions)

  • Where and how to upload the course recording?
  • Following up with students after the course


Price: $120 USD