Create Your Framework
Organize Your Ideas
into a Methodology and Curriculum
That is Uniquely Yours
An Online Workshop with George Kao
George Kao
Nikki Pava - Author | Speaker | Consultant

“Once again, George delivers an easy-to-digest course that is accessible and applicable to my everyday business life. The ideas taught in this course are highly valuable as I continue to create and nurture new frameworks that support my voice.”

Author | Speaker | Consultant

Imagine having your own framework -- a structure to organize all your important ideas, tools you use with clients to help with their issues, case studies... your own modality / process / curriculum... that clients are excited to work through with you!
(If you aren't working with clients, you can also use your framework for content creation such as articles, books, videos, podcasts, or courses.)

Read more: what is a knowledge/ideas framework?

You will change and improve the framework over time, of course.
However, creating one as soon as possible allows you to reap the benefits of knowledge management, a cohesive direction for your content, and be more memorable for word-of-mouth referrals.
I have 12 years of experience creating many frameworks for client work and content creation. In this course I'll share my best tools and methods so that you can also create yours.
You'll also gain ideas and encouragement from other students in this class... kindred spirits who are also working on organizing and sharing knowledge!
Join this class to give you the structure, inspiration, and support to create your own framework.

Who's this course designed for?
  • You have been creating content, but you'd love an overall structure to better direct your efforts, knowing that this would also help your work with clients.
  • You have not yet been creating content because you're stuck that you don't have an overall organization of your ideas. You want to create content and offerings with more purpose and impact.

Do you resonate with any of these statements... 
    • “I have a ton of information, notes, and other content and I'm inconsistent about how I organize, access, and utilize my ideas. I want a system to organize all that I would like to offer my clients.”

    • “I would love clarity on how to structure – and from there communicate – my work and my offers. I have many tools, many ideas, and often I get kind of lost with it all, in trying to make it clear to others what I do. What is my method? What is it about? I get inspired when others can present the structure of their work, and I would like to be able to do the same. How do I get started in creating a framework?”

    • “I need help organizing my ideas and research so I know how I should synthesize and sequence the information in order to turn it into a product or content.”

  • “I have so many ideas about my niche and message – that my detail-loving, perfecting brain is generating – and I'm scribbling endless pages of notes with no way to organize them into something useful. When I do get some clarity, I write more notes and they get added to the pile! So I just keep researching, trying to find a simple way to explain it all, but that just leads to even more note taking.”

  • “I would love to organize my curriculum – and then to communicate my framework so that my ideal audience ‘gets’ it.”

This is exactly what you’ll be guided to clarify and create in this course.  If the above points resonate, this is the right course for you.

Price: $150 USD

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​What You'll Receive:
  • 5 Training Modules (approx 60-75 minutes of video each) that walks you through all the important aspects of framework creation.

  • 20 Guided Exercises to help you actually create your Framework as you watch the course.

  • Comprehensive Resource Guide for step-by-step implementation. A full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.

  • Framework Creation Template that you can use again and again to create the various knowledge frameworks in your business, whether big ones (maps) or smaller ones (tools for clients).

  • Framework Improvement for step-by-step guidance on how to integrate and organize new ideas and feedback into your framework, so that you can occasionally launch a new iteration of your framework that uplevels your expertise and reputation.
  • Private Course Directory to connect with fellow students for mutual support and growth.​
You receive unlimited and perpetual access to the above.

​​These recordings and resources do not expire. 

You also receive:
  • Bonus Group Q&A Calls with George Kao -- for 2 months -- where you can attend and ask your questions. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive those recordings afterwards as well.
George Kao
Natasha Berta

“​I have had a couple of goes at developing my framework on my own without realizing it and haven't felt satisfied with my efforts. George's approach is very freeing yet supportive. The Framework template document has just the right prompts and this course also supports you to make an income from your framework too!
I highly recommend this course if you know you have a golden nugget inside you but you haven't figured out how to articulate it :)”

George Kao
Catherine Nkonge - Career Coach

“Today I was actually able to use one of the frameworks I came up with in a consultation call I had. I found it to be very useful in helping me communicate to the client the process I would use in working with them. Overall I have found this course to be very beneficial because of all the ways I can use the frameworks to inform my work with clients and create content.”

Career Coach

Price: $150 USD