Authentic Instagram Mastery

Grow & Nurture Your Audience
Using Carousels, Reels, and Stories
A New Online Training with George Kao & Shaun Galanos

Would you love to make your Instagram use be more profitable and authentic?

This unique Instagram course combines the best guidance from a small (yet successful) creator along with a big (and experienced) creator.

George Kao here – I have 9k Instagram followers and I’ve been consistently getting new clients from IG since 2019.

My friend Shaun Galanos (@thelovedrive) has 248k followers and regularly nets 5-figure launches for his courses, in-person retreats, and membership programs… all done primarily through Instagram.

You’ll learn from both of us in this course – our regular actions and best-kept secrets (until now) on how to get Instagram to really work for authentic creators.

And you’ll learn lots also from the community of other fellow IG creators we’re gathering for this course!

Whether you’re a beginner with 0 followers or an intermediate with 10k, this course is designed to help you move to the next level in your Instagram presence.

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Many of my ideal clients use Instagram. Your prospective clients are probably on there, too.

I find that with Instagram, it’s easier than any other platform to be discovered by potential clients who value authenticity and personal growth.

How do you know whether your ideal clients are on Instagram?

Go to the websites of the people who offer a similar service as you -- do they have a link to their Instagram profile?

Also, ask some of your clients if they use Instagram.


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Check out these stats… 

  • Instagram now has more than 2 billion active users.
    (It’s the 2nd most logged-in social media site after Facebook!)

  • As of 2024, the average Instagram user spends 33 minutes a day on the platform, double the average time spent in 2019. (This means a higher chance of coming across content like yours.)

  • 79% of users, after seeing a product or service on Instagram, searched for information about it, and 46% eventually purchased it!
    (No wonder spending on Instagram Ads is higher than on Facebook; this suggests that businesses find buyers when running IG Ads.)

  • 47% of Instagram users have an annual income of $75,000 USD or more… a good platform to reach higher-income audiences!

In this course, we will show exactly how we use the platform to grow an ideal audience who love authentic content 💛

Authenticity is one of the top values on Instagram. We’ll encourage you to create content that reflects your inner journey and values, letting your IG presence reflect your personal and professional growth. 

The aim is to form an IG audience that is a true fit for your energy signature so that your content becomes an uplifting experience for them and you as you create with intention.


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In this course, you’ll learn…

From George:
  • How to use Instagram: The interface can be confusing, certainly not as straightforward for many of us as Facebook or LinkedIn. I’ll show you the most useful actions to take on Instagram.

  • My overview of IG strategy: images > videos > stories.

  • Exactly how I create my Instagram posts (especially carousels) and why I focus on message-based images.

  • How I work with IG Live Videos vs. Reels.

  • How I simply use Stories to reach my true fans.

  • If you want to use hashtags, I’ll offer my recommendations for how to test them so you’re not just getting a bunch of spam bots following you!

  • How to use the Highlights feature on one's profile.

  • The basics of Instagram ads.

  • Step-by-step ongoing use of Instagram (Weekly Checklist).

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From Shaun:
  • Shaun’s best tips geared for those just starting out – what guidance did he wish he had? And how to deal with imposter syndrome and perfectionism?

  • Shaun’s key advice for growing creators – those who have perhaps a few hundred followers and wish to grow into the thousands.

  • Shaun will share how he deals with trolls, what he does when he doesn’t feel like creating content, his strategy with DMs and comments, and some of the complexities of living and working with a large audience.

  • You’ll also learn the highly valuable method of how Shaun successfully sells on Instagram – having launched courses, communities, and several in-person retreats – almost exclusively through his Instagram stories.

  • Having created content on Instagram for over ten years, Shaun has thrown a lot of spaghetti at the wall and he’ll tell you what sticks and what doesn’t!



From both of us, you’ll learn:

  • The current best practices for creators to thrive on Instagram, along with all the advice we wish we had known when we first got started.

  • You can ask us any questions regarding your specific situation and goals and how we recommend you grow on Instagram.

You’ll learn from one another too:

  • The course community will be a very supportive environment where you can share your challenges and be encouraged along the way.

  • Having a supportive community of peers studying IG will help you gain and maintain momentum for your consistency on Instagram.

  • You'll get to exchange feedback about one another’s Instagram content based on this course’s strategies.

  • You’ll continue being supported by this community long after completing the course!



Testimonials from the previous version of this course…

George Kao
Linda Huitt - Empowerment Coach

“This was my first George Kao course, and it was well worth the investment of time and funds. He is very personable and knowledgeable. The reference materials are easy to access and follow. And he really seems to care that his audience is getting what they need!”

Empowerment Coach

George Kao
Alisa Zingerman - Language Teacher

“I have been waiting to start Instagram for a long time, and this course just did it! George knows how to demonstrate how things work in such a specific, open, encouraging way that it gives us the motivation and the energy to implement it straight away. 🙂”

Language Teacher


There are 6 modules to this course.

They are taught live (and recorded) on these six Mondays:

  • April 1
  • April 8
  • (Skipping April 15)
  • April 22
  • April 29
  • May 6
  • May 13

…1 hour each, at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 4pm GMT.

Each of these Mondays, there will be an additional session suitable for Australia/Asia time zones:

  • 90-minute live “watch party” which includes 30-minutes of Q&A time with George – at 5pm Pacific / 8pm Eastern.
  • This is Sydney AU time on the following day, Tuesdays, at 11am, which becomes 10am starting April 9. 
  • The purpose of this meeting -- I want this course to be accessible to those with different schedules. These "watch parties" will have about 60-minutes of quiet co-working time where you get to catch up on the course's recordings -- the one recorded earlier that day will be available already. And then, there will be 30 minutes of Q&A time with me. Total length of this meeting is 90 minutes. 


What you receive when you enroll:

  • The ability to attend the live sessions listed above if you wish.
  • Lifetime access to all recordings.
  • Lifetime access to the ongoing student discussions for continued mutual support and feedback!
  • 2 Months of Access to George Kao Q&A Calls (and those recordings).

Any questions? Ask it here.