Your Energy Signature for your Authentic Business

The Art of Authenticity:

Discover Your Energy Signature
and Attract Resonant Clients

  • “What are my true strengths and unique style? In other words, what is my Energy Signature?”

  • “How can I use it to benefit others most and earn a good living at it?”

  • “What are some models of how to do that?”

This course may be for you if you’ve asked yourself the above questions. 

Imagine being deeply comfortable in your own skin when it comes to expressing yourself authentically in your business.

You become a clear channel of the most powerful wisdom and presence working through you.

This course is designed to support participants in this important endeavor. 

You’ll experience simple and powerful teachings, as well as transformative exercises together with other kindred spirits in the program. Besides the live sessions and course material, you’ll have lifetime access to an ongoing discussion among supportive peers in the course, where you can go to continually hone your clarity for years to come.

Who is George Kao and why teach about Energy Signature?

I’ve been running a successful solopreneur business for years, and a six-figure income from this business since 2011.

Around 2012, I began experiencing a spiritual transformation in my life. It stripped me down of many of the masks I previously wore. It set me on a journey to access my deep authenticity that I hadn’t yet been able to express. 

This led me to a different and more powerful way in how I presented myself – now I began bringing a genuine passion to express my authenticity in my work – I began fully living my energy signature. 

As a result, my business has gotten easier and easier over the years: which is evidence of my business being in tune with my energy signature. I’ve gathered a truly loyal audience who see past the surface and resonate deeply with my energy. 

This is what I wish for you as well – the ability to dive deep and express fully of yourself in your business and thereby gather a loyal audience of true fans.

Energy Signature by George Kao

Many students tell me that the people who resonate with my energy signature and take my courses are the most heartful and wise solopreneurs they’ve met. The structured ways we get to know each other, the mutual support you receive, is unique and well worth the price of admission.

Therefore, an important purpose of this course is to help you overcome the fear of “being seen” fully. We do this by practicing deep listening to one another, and to being received and accepted deeply for what others see/feel you are. 

As you uncover and clarify your energy signature, you’ll also notice that it will naturally and powerfully shape your understanding of your niche – your unique place in the big world of other solopreneurs.

In this course you’ll get focused time and a guided structure to clarify:

  • Your origin story

  • Your mission as it applies to your business – something that will deeply inspire your audience

  • Your values that apply to your content, offers, and overall business

  • Your unique quirks and style – in short, your strengths and superpowers – that you can really lean into going forward, to make your marketing and business the most effective and authentically powerful it’s ever been.

You’ll receive plenty of helpful feedback from your fellow course participants.  You’ll also be guided on how to seek feedback from your network or audience. This will remind them of your unique strengths, style, mission, and the value you bring them via your content and offers. (Or perhaps, introduce your energy signature to them for the first time!)

After this course, you’ll be able to much more quickly and reliably identify your energy signature in your content and offers, and therefore be able to amplify your strengths to make your business easier and more successful in the coming months and years.

Join us for a transformative experience in diving deep and uncovering your unique strengths that will greatly support your marketing and business going forward.

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What You'll Receive:

  • 6 hours of inspirational training videos -- You'll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.

  • Written Guidance for step-by-step implementation, i.e. a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.

  • Private Course Discussion under each course lesson, to connect with fellow students for mutual support!

You are getting lifetime access
to all of the above.

You also receive:

  • Bonus Group Q&A Calls with George Kao -- for 2 months starting the date you purchase the course -- where you can attend and ask your questions. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive those recordings afterwards as well.