The FAR Intentions Method:

Setting Long & Short Plans to

Generate Authentic Success

The major problem many of us have when we set intentions is that we don’t follow through on them. 

Therefore, we don’t experience and enjoy our true potential. We’re often left feeling dissatisfied and discouraged instead. These feelings can hinder us from making consistent progress.

I believe that you have a unique genius and an infinitely bright spirit within you.

More than ever before, the world needs your gifts and talents.

So I’m excited to share this webinar experience with you – a simple and effective way I’ve used for the last 13 years of full-time entrepreneurship – for generating consistent energy and structure to manifest true success.

The FAR method is a framework to help you create and then implement the intentions that bring together your inspirational ideas along with a structure you can use for authentic follow-through.




Here’s the summary of what we’ll be doing together in the webinar:


  • Pick a scope (e.g. life plan? project plan?)

  • What vision inspires and energizes you?

  • Why does it matter to you?

  • What are your values for that arena?

  • What's your vision for how you'll work along the way?


  • Create your deliverables in stages:

    Example: "Go to moon" (future vision)

    Stages: "Find rocket building course; Take course; make connections with financiers, etc." 😄

  • What support do you need, if any, for the next stage?

  • As part of your action planning, use the CCC (capture, categorize, calendar) method.

  • We’re not going to set “SMART goals” which too often rely on external factors to go perfectly. Instead, we will create a structure for gentle, consistent action. We'll set WISE action plans. Which then leads us into the next stage… 



  • What is your plan for regularly reviewing your progress along the way?

  • Do you have a friend / colleague / coach to review your progress with? Especially, to celebrate and learn from the experience?

  • What isn't working / what's working well... and, therefore, are there any adjustments that need to be made to your Vision or Actions?

Use this method regularly and you'll go FAR! 👟 🌅

Webinar Outline:

  • I will teach the FAR method, explaining the nuances of implementation.

  • We’ll actually do the method together, step by step!

  • You’ll learn from the variety of examples from your fellow attendees.

You’ll be able to use this webinar, again and again in the future, to set powerful intentions on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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