The Netcaring Course

(A Joyful Alternative to Networking)
How to Keep in Touch Wisely
+ Find New Kindred Spirits
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George Kao
Halina Goldstein - Spiritual Writer & Mentor

“I find the systematic, detailed approach in this course immensely helpful. This will make a significant difference in my ability to serve more people. I'm relieved by seeing a doable way of creating the right relationships, cultivating them in a meaningful, genuine way, step by step.”

Spiritual Writer & Mentor

​​If you're self-employed, you probably know that networking is important for referrals.

In fact, it is the #1 way most service providers get new clients.

However, many of us also experience networking as a burden. And most of us haven't learned how to keep in touch effectively with our network.

Here's the key:

Let's not go to our network only when we need something.

The way that "networking" has been taught can feel disingenuous... transactional rather than relational.

Netcaring, on the other hand, is about fostering genuine relationships with people you like and wish to support... and finding ways to collaborate that bring joy and value to both.

You're already doing this occasionally, but you might not think of your friends as "your network".

Netcaring will give you a structure and rhythm to keep in touch more consistently, and with more people, so that your business can grow organically.

With Netcaring, you'll curate a group of collaborators who feel like kindred spirits to you!

Note: This course does not require that you have an audience. You already know enough people to bring you the referrals and connections to fill your client roster. Now let's do it systematically!

In this course, we'll explore:

  • How to effectively organize your connections -- I'll train you on the free tool I created for tracking my own contacts that helps me keep in touch in a regular rhythm!

  • How to reach out to your network thoughtfully (what to say?)

  • Smart ways to find new ideal connections... and how to reach out to them appropriately.

  • An effective ongoing plan for your own Netcaring

  • Should you be following up with past clients, and how?

  • How to follow up with prospective clients?

  • How to become friends with influencers?

  • When should you pitch an idea to an influencer?​

  • How to ask for referrals without looking desperate, salesy, and being afraid of rejection

$150 USD
George Kao
Shailaja Vishwanath - Blogging Expert

“Netcaring is the networking course for every self-employed professional to learn how to connect with their clients as well as their network in an organic, non-intrusive manner. George teaches in a way that is both empathic and with the aim of building connections that matter. The best money you'll ever spend on a course!”

Blogging Expert

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George Kao
Colleen Adrian - Parenting Expert

“I've been sharing my content widely on social media and have increased inquiries and connections with many like-minded people. However, I wanted strategies for staying in touch in a genuinely warm and caring way. This course (Netcaring) provided all of that!”

Parenting Expert