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Launch Your Heart-Centered

Group Program via
The 20-Client Model

"Taking this training has catapulted me past so many of the blocks that has been holding me back from launching my group program. Instead of me waiting for the day the program is perfect before launching - the time is NOW." -- Clare Cullen

Imagine having a stable group program of 20 members that you love working with. It nets you an income of $3,000 to $10,000 per month. That’s what this 3-week class aims to help you launch.

You would be meeting with your group clients on a rhythm that feels sustainable for you, and they would feel great value in having your support.

This means you won’t have to constantly launch, to still have enough clients and regular ongoing income.

I call this The 20 Client Model.

Comments from my clients:

“This gives me a clear way to shift the way I offer several programs. Instead of “launching”, I invite the right 20 people to join a learning community.”

“The mindset shift of ‘let's see who is resonant enough for me to have one of the 20 spots in my client community - people I'm really caring for’ is such a powerful mindset  and energy shift!”  

That’s what we aim to help you launch during this 3-week intensive class – a simple, full-time business model, providing a service you love, to a core group of people that you genuinely enjoy.

I say “we” will help you, because you won’t be doing it alone. In this class you’ll be taking action within the energetic container of a kindred group of service providers, offering feedback and encouragement to one another.

With the support of my expertise as well as the group’s collective momentum and support, you will:

  1. Handpick, among your network, your favorite people that you’d love to work with as a client in your program – which will only have 20 spots at this time. It’s likely that you already know these people: you’ll be guided on how to look for them, and if needed, how to request referrals to highly qualified candidates.

  2. Design a simple and valuable client support program with them in mind, based on skills that you already have. It might be an in-person group (if you have a large local network)... or a completely online group (if your network is scattered around the world)... or a hybrid of online and in-person.

  3. Learn how to effectively price such a program. (Hint: low price memberships are not sustainable for most of us solopreneurs, but neither will I be encouraging you to charge “high ticket”.)

  4. Finding the best name for your program.

  5. Explore the best few software platforms for running your group.

  6. Graciously reach out to your favorite people to entertain the idea of the program. (You're a good fit for this class if you believe  that you have at least 20 people in your network or audience who might enjoy working with you, if only you presented them with a program that’s a great fit for them.)

  7. Send your candidates a heartfelt invitation.

  8. Understand the authentic use of due dates so that you can begin the program in a reasonable timeframe after invitations.

  9. Get feedback on all these steps from your kindred spirit peers in our program.

  10. Begin enjoying your new client group!

"What I'm really loving about this course is how George breaks it down into bite sized pieces and demystifies the process of getting a group going. I'm finding every single module helpful in keeping me moving, challenging some of my fears and limiting beliefs, affirming my own intuition, and just making the process not so scary. I'm actually looking forward the market research calls that I have scheduled! :) Highly recommended!" -- Mary Veerkamp

This 3-week class series may be one of the most useful experiences for your business that you’ve ever participated in. 

I’m action oriented – yet always aiming to bring as much authenticity and kindness to the process as possible – and that’s what you’ll get from this program as well.

I’ve been running these kinds of client groups since 2010, with more than 500 members having been part of my group programs.

Currently I facilitate a core client program of 80 members, each paying between $111 and $222 per month.

Years ago, I began with only 20 members paying (what would be in today’s dollars) $150 per month.

Unless you’re already running groups successfully, that’s what I recommend to you as well: consider beginning with 20 group clients at $150/month = $3,000 income for you. This can give some breathing room in paying your bills!

Or depending on your experience and credibility, you might even start at double that rate.

As you grow your level of service and value towards your members, it would eventually be quite reasonable to charge your 20 members $500/month or more. That would amount to $10,000 per month income for you.

(Those who are highly credible with their network can command $750 to $1,000, netting upwards of $20,000 monthly.)

If you are eager to do the work of connecting to your network from your heart, with a well-designed yet simple program of great value, then join us for this 3-week highly practical class.

When I researched appropriate pricing, similar 3-week courses of this quality – led by an experienced coach as myself – range from $300 to $1000+ on the higher end.

I have 14 years of leading client group programs from 20-80 members. Still, I prefer to price based on enoughness and compassion 🤗and am offering this class for only $200. Note that the price will likely rise to a more appropriate level in a future launch.

"With over 20 years of experience running group programs, I still learned so much from this course! It covers everything from planning to enrollment and is full of creative ideas and comprehensive strategies on how to design an impactful program from scratch -- or refine an existing one. Refreshing and myth-busting for those of us sick of the rah-rah marketing advice out there. Plus, it is a great example of a group program, taught in a way that makes the learning engaging and entertaining – thanks to George’s inspired presentation, skillful facilitation, and unique sense of humor. Whether you're a newbie or an expert, this course will blow your mind." -- Zuza Engler

What You'll Receive:

  • 6 hours of inspirational training videos -- You'll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.

  • Written Guidance for step-by-step implementation, i.e. a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.

  • Private Course Discussion under each course topic, to connect with fellow students for mutual support and growth.

You receive unlimited and perpetual access
to all of the above.

You also receive:

  • Bonus Group Q&A Calls with George Kao -- for 2 months starting the date you purchase the course -- where you can attend and ask your questions. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive those recordings afterwards as well.

I highly recommend George Kao. My practice and business would not be where it is without him. The first coach I met who has led with such deep integrity and enoughness. I literally did a happy dance on my front porch when he messaged to say I could join his group program and said to myself “I hope one day, people feel like that about working with me”. I’ll be taking this course and hoping to offer an affordable group offering next year for those who may have wanted to work with me but can afford 1:1, don’t need 1:1 anymore but do need ongoing accountability or those who need a top-up of reminders and warm and loving support. I hope we’ll all feel deeply excited and nourished in working together and totally trust George to guide me in how to set that up. If you’re in a heart-based, service centered business, I hope to see you there! ❤️🙌🌈  –Mira Rao

About George Kao:

George Kao has been a passionate educator of authentic marketing and joyful productivity since 2009, emphasizing in his work the honest connection and act of service that's possible even in doing "marketing" activities. Specializing in social media and content creation, George helps clients grow their audience, stabilize their income, and structure their work life for deeper joy and true freedom. Driven by values such as generosity, warm-heartedness, and curiosity, he empowers coaches, healers, and facilitators to market genuinely and operate their businesses from the space of joyful productivity. In a world of noisy marketing, George Kao stands out as a beacon of genuine connection and true value.