Authentic YouTube Mastery: Channel Growth with Heart, Soul, and Analytics

An in-depth video marketing course for conscious creators by George Kao

If you are a soulpreneur who feels called to share your gifts with authentic presence through online video… and you'd love to understand the current best practices for how to stand out on YouTube... this course is designed for you. 

I’ve gained a lot of experience on YouTube over the years – having uploaded over 1,000 videos, gathered nearly 20,000 subscribers, and having 30 of my videos go “viral” with more than 10,000 views each.

If you’ve tried YouTube or studied it, you’ll know that the vast majority of videos have fewer than 100 views (yes, less than one hundred!)… and oftentimes, videos can’t even get 50 views. Many of my videos, however, have surpassed 500 views, and I get comments daily from viewers about how my videos have shifted their perspective in helpful ways.

Most importantly, I regularly get new clients because they find me on YouTube.

I've distilled my formula for YouTube influence into this online course, and am really looking forward to sharing it with you. Moreover, we’ll also study and choose from the current best practices as taught by other YouTube rising stars.

The Topics of This Course:

  • How to set up your YouTube channel (if you haven’t yet…)

  • Optimizing the various settings for your YouTube channel

  • My simple guidance (that I myself use!) for lighting, audio, and visuals on a budget.

  • Interactive exercises to uncover what makes you stand out from other YouTubers in your niche.

  • How to use YouTube analytics to uncover your Energy Signature so that you can make more resonant videos.

  • My framework for coming up with the best video topics tailored to your niche.

  • How to conduct keyword research to optimize viewership while staying true to your purpose.

  • My time-saving system for outlining videos that flow with ease.

  • Best practices for writing descriptions under your YouTube videos.

  • Steps for studying your YouTube data – in simple but practical ways – to uncover opportunities to better resonate with your potential audience.

  • How to interpret the viewer retention curve and other key YouTube metrics to boost the watch time on your channel.

  • What’s working right now, based on up-to-date guidance from some of the best YouTube creators.

  • Understanding the best practices for optimizing video titles and thumbnails – aligned with your authentic style.

  • Examples and ideas for collaborations that can expand your reach well beyond your own efforts.

  • How to manage the comments on your videos – to support your good mental health and productivity while nurturing a growing fan base.

  • YouTube monetization – how to get paid by YouTube for your well-performing videos.

  • Appropriate expectations of growth numbers – most successful creators don’t experience overnight success! We’ll work together to find a sustainable rhythm for your growth that you can be happy with.

  • During our time in the course I also look forward to answering any other YouTube strategy questions that you may have.

Throughout the course you’ll get to enjoy mutual support opportunities with fellow students that you resonate with:

  • You’ll share your videos with each other.

  • You’ll offer (and receive) supportive, gentle, constructive feedback.

  • Together you’ll practice developing your observation skills for what’s working (and not working) on YouTube – both on your channel and your niche mates’ channels – so that you can adjust your strategy going forward.

  • Once the course is over, you’ll continue to have access to our discussion areas for like-minded creators for ongoing support, accountability, and inspiration.


Dates & Times:

The pacing of this course is designed to support your gradual implementation over time.

Therefore, we meet for 30 minutes once a week, over 11 weeks. (There will be 9 teaching sessions by me, and 2 student-led implementation sessions.) In each session, I’ll walk you through two key concepts/exercises to optimize your YouTube strategy and grow your channel, and then you’ll try it that week.

The course lasts from January 15 through March 25.

The live sessions are every Monday for 30 minutes:

@ 2pm USA Pacific / 5pm Eastern / 10pm GMT

...which is Singapore time on Tuesdays 6am / Sydney Australia 9am

(Time change happens on Monday March 11 -- it'll stay 2pm USA Pacific but be 9pm GMT instead... which will be Tuesdays @ 5am Singapore, and 8am Sydney.)

The live sessions will be recorded and emailed to you at the end of each week.

If you cannot attend, you can still participate in this course by watching the 30 minutes of video each week, applying the ideas, and discussing anything with your peers in the comments section under each lesson, as well as meeting together with your peers as you’d like.  

There will be a discussion area for everyone in the course to introduce themselves, and you can then reach out to the peers you resonate most with.

If you’re eager to learn from authentic strategy and connect with many kindred spirits to learn, practice, and grow together on YouTube, then we would love to have you join us.

Plus, you’ll get access to my monthly Q&A calls for 3 months, where you can ask about anything business or marketing beyond YouTube.