Effortless Yes!
The Art of Honest Persuasion
and Influence with Integrity

Imagine your audience looking forward to your content, and ideal clients saying a wholehearted YES to your offers….

Imagine more effortless engagement with what you create ✨

As a compassionate entrepreneur, you might feel frustrated when your marketing falls flat, despite the immense value you provide. 

However, if you were to follow most marketing advice, you’d be told to learn persuasive copywriting and how to cleverly charm people to do what you want….

Since we prioritize authenticity, our hearts recoil from those mainstream tactics... 

But what if there are important gems within “persuasion psychology” that can be applied to make things easier and more enjoyable for our audience, while doing it from a genuine place of service and heart? 

Let’s filter out the noise, and keep the music. Let's use something more akin to "encouragement psychology", based on a genuine interest of being of service to our audience 💛

Together, this is what we’ll experience in this course… 

  • Sharpen our awareness of marketing messages, identifying what feels good to the heart and soul and what makes us say a wholebody "Yes!" It is so valuable to have a community of wise and grounded soulpreneurs to explore these things together in a focused way.

  • Understand why certain”'marketing” tactics are successful in getting signups, yet somehow feel off. Deepening this awareness will improve the authentic effectiveness of your own content as well as future offerings.

  • Explore (within a safe community) the “best practices” of mainstream persuasion marketing – and personally choose the few principles and tactics that you can incorporate into your strategies with authenticity and integrity. We'll analyze the most relevant frameworks for us. Examples: 

    • The best of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    • Cialdini's Principles of Persuasion
    • Storytelling in marketing

  • Identify barriers – from your content and offers – that cause confusion or disengagement with your work. We will learn from sharing examples with each other, as well as offering supportive feedback to help each other build awareness and make specific improvements.

  • Simplify – we'll practice making our content and offers clear, simple and easy to digest. We’ll learn the art of uncluttered presentation.

  • Positive Feedback Loops – we’ll add to our regular habits a practice of continual improvement via regular audience feedback, helping us refine our content and offers.

  • Takeaway – you’ll complete the course with a personalized checklist of principles and tips to remember for creating authentic content and honest offers, making it easier for your audience to consume and engage!


The Outcome?

More frequent engagement with your content and offers. A natural increase in YES, i.e. an easier flow from audience to client… all while doing these activities from a place of integrity and heart.

You'll improve how you are helping your audience feel seen, heard, and understood. They’ll more naturally gravitate towards your presence and your services.

If you would love to be part of a compassionate, values-driven community with which you can learn and practice “effective marketing” that is authentic, join us.

What You'll Receive:

  • 6 hours of inspirational training videos -- You'll be able to easily pause, rewind, rewatch the videos as many times as you'd like.

  • Written Guidance for step-by-step implementation, i.e. a full outline of the course, complete with all relevant links.

  • Private Course Discussion under each course lesson, to connect with fellow students for mutual support!

You are getting lifetime access
to all of the above.

You also receive:

  • Bonus Group Q&A Calls with George Kao -- for 2 months starting the date you purchase the course -- where you can attend and ask your questions. Whether or not you attend, you'll receive those recordings afterwards as well.