What do you do Pathway

“What Do You Do?” –

Integrate Your Deep & Diverse Work
Into a Coherent Intro & About Page

(3-Week Transformational Experience For Soulful Service Providers)

Have you found it challenging to communicate the depth and complexity of your work to others?

Multi-passionate solopreneurs often struggle with conveying the essence of their offerings in a way that resonates with potential clients and collaborators.

Let’s do this important work – together in community – for each of our businesses.

This 3-week experience is tailored for solopreneurs who have diverse passions and tools. We will clarify, and then practice, how to describe our work. 

We’ll do exercises together.

And then, from the examples shared in the course, we’ll learn and improve our descriptions!

You’ll exchange feedback with your fellow coursemates, and thereby receive the very helpful validation from nichemates, as well as constructive suggestions to help you evolve your description.

Throughout this course, you will create (or update), with the support of a community of fellow service providers, the following assets:

  1. A captivating Bio that can be used on your website and social media profiles, as well as a modified version for introducing yourself in a group.

  2. A new (or improved) About Page about you and your work – one of the key pages for your website.

  3. A clear and resonant Professional Title that you can proudly use in various places: LinkedIn Headline, your Zoom name, and many other places where you’re introduced.

  4. An authentic and simple Homepage Video where you introduce your work for 1 minute and invite the visitor to explore your website.

  5. A simple Media Kit webpage you can send to people interested in interviewing you on their podcast or video channel.

If it sounds exciting to you to create these things – with my (George Kao’s) facilitation – in a supportive community of kindred spirits, then I truly hope you’ll join us for this 3-week experience!

Dates & Times:

The course is taught in 6 live sessions.

There are 3 sessions for each of the 2 major time zones, so that students from around the world can have the opportunity to attend some of the live sessions.

You're welcome to attend all sessions if it works for your schedule.

Each session will have different content. 

If you can't attend any sessions, just watch the recordings later. You'll get all the course content and be able to interact via comments under each lesson 👍🏽 

The course lasts from May 29 through June 14. 

90-minutes for Americas Daytime & Europe Evening:

During the course, there’s a session every Wednesday:

@ 9am Pac / 12pm East / 5pm BST

For these Wednesday sessions, use this "add to calendar" link.

60-minutes for Americas Eve + Daytime Australia & Asia:

There’s also a session every Monday @ 6pm Pac / 9pm East

...which is every Tuesday @ 9am Singapore / 11am Sydney.

For these Mon/Tues sessions, use this "add to calendar" link.

Everything will be recorded and emailed to you at the end of the week, but if you can attend any of them in real-time, it’s more fun 😄

Under each video recording, you'll be able to access a private student discussion about the exercises, ideas, and examples inspired by the course.

You’ll also get access to 2 months of the George Kao Q&A Calls (and those recordings).

Any questions? Ask here.

Ready to join this experience?

About George Kao:

George Kao has been a passionate educator of authentic marketing and joyful productivity since 2009, emphasizing in his work the honest connection and act of service that's possible even in doing "marketing" activities. Specializing in social media and content creation, George helps clients grow their audience, stabilize their income, and structure their work life for deeper joy and true freedom. Driven by values such as generosity, warm-heartedness, and curiosity, he empowers coaches, healers, and facilitators to market genuinely and operate their businesses from the space of joyful productivity. In a world of noisy marketing, George Kao stands out as a beacon of genuine connection and true value.