5-Minute Method for Overcoming Procrastination

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What helps you overcome procrastination on an important project?

Here's a technique that works for me:

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and make any progress on the project. I remind myself:

I can do anything for 5 minutes.  

It doesn't have to be brilliant. Just any progress is helpful for now.  

Here's the key:
Before I start the timer, I take a moment to place myself in a positive state of mind.

I close my eyes, and remind myself:

All is w…

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Repair Your Relationship to Your Productivity Tools

image by @erothermel on unsplash:

​How well do these tools work for you -- your alarm clock, your to-do list, and your calendar?

If you had a good relationship with these most basic productivity tools, they can make a significant difference in helping you live a purposeful, contributory life.
People who don't feel productive, almost certainly have developed a flippant, or avoidant, attitude towards these tools:

Your alarm app/clock goes off, and you turn it off,…

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What money should you spend to build & grow your business?

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Over the years I've received a lot of questions about what kind of money is necessary to spend in order to grow a small business.

  • Should you spend $1,000 - $5,000 to create or upgrade your website?
  • Should you spend money on a $2,000 training program / school that is promising you a comprehensive system to build your business? 
  • Should you spend $200 a month on SEO (search engine optimization)?
  • (When) Should you hire a VA?
  • How much to…

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Alexandra Franzen on Describing What You Do, Healthy Boundaries, and Entrepreneurial Success

​Once in a long while -- too rarely -- do I come across someone who is modeling authentic, simple marketing in a way that makes me go "wow" ...and want to share forward.

Alexandra Franzen is deeply resonant with her audience, yet without pushing. Gives so much value, with gentleness.

1. I loved her blog post about creating little miracles. It's a about simple question that helps us focus on making a better offering and doing better marketing.

2. And check out her newsletter opt-in page.…

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A System for Email Productivity

A decade ago, I started to help friends and colleagues with becoming more organized and efficient with their email.

A few of them said it was life-changing.

I think most of us underestimate the weight that unprocessed emails have on our psyche. We only know after we have successfully cleared our inbox. The feeling of lightness is amazing :)

When I wrote about my email processing system a few years ago, the post went viral, and was featured several times on popular sites.

Here is the newest version o…

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