Stop Procrastinating: Write Down the Simple Next Steps.

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When I notice myself procrastinating, here's a simple process that helps me get unstuck:

At the beginning of a work hour, I write down the project I'd like to make progress on, and three simple next steps I can easily take.

The key is to write it down. We try to keep too much in our heads. Our brains are not built for remembering lots of details. Instead of trying to hold ideas in your head, just write it down, so that you can liberate your mental energy fo…

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Before you buy that expensive business training program, read this...

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I see a lot of people making this mistake -- buying into expensive business/marketing training / big group coaching programs.

In these programs, they're with a large group of hundreds of other students, with high hopes that the energy of the program will somehow propel them toward success...

​As someone who has sold such programs myself, and have partnered with dozens of others to sell these, I can tell you this:
These programs are highly profitable…

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Before You Check Social Media, Take A Breath.

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Next time you want to check Facebook, take a pause.

Breathe first.

Facebook has been carefully designed to get you coming back again and again, instinctively, all throughout the day, looking for new notifications, messages, and interesting posts.

It has been designed for addiction.

(This applies to any social media that you frequently check.)

​​The resulting instinct -- checking social media in order to resolve a momentary boredo…

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5-Minute Method for Overcoming Procrastination

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What helps you overcome procrastination on an important project?

Here's a technique that works for me:

Set a timer for 5 minutes, and make any progress on the project. I remind myself:

I can do anything for 5 minutes.  

It doesn't have to be brilliant. Just any progress is helpful for now.  

Here's the key:
Before I start the timer, I take a moment to place myself in a positive state of mind.

I close my eyes, and remind myself:

All is w…

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Repair Your Relationship to Your Productivity Tools

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​How well do these tools work for you -- your alarm clock, your to-do list, and your calendar?

If you had a good relationship with these most basic productivity tools, they can make a significant difference in helping you live a purposeful, contributory life.
People who don't feel productive, almost certainly have developed a flippant, or avoidant, attitude towards these tools:

Your alarm app/clock goes off, and you turn it off,…

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