Are you spending enough time on your business? (Time requirements for an authentic business)

Time requirements for building an authentic business

If you don't create your own structure, someone else will create it for you, resulting in less autonomy and freedom. Here's the blog post I mentioned in the video --

Posted by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach on Friday, March 24, 2023

After coaching many people on how to grow their business, I find this recurring issue:

Many people are not spending enough time on the right actions..…

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The Three Paths of Solopreneurship: Wait to Respond – Funnel Hustle – and The Middle Way of Authentic Business

In my 13 years of business, I’ve noticed 3 ways to approach solopreneurship:

Wait to Respond

The way that most service providers do it is to just wait for random word-of-mouth. You might get a few clients a year, if you’re lucky. Some of them might be a great fit, and some will not be. 

Why? Because starting a business is, understandably, so overwhelming as well as confronting (to one’s self-esteem) that sometim…

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10 Year Plan for Authentic Business

Here is a plan to help you create a business that expresses your soul -- and allows you to have a semi-retirement lifestyle.

​What’s possible with this plan:

  • Year 2: Part-time income with providing your authentic service.

  • Year 4: Full-time income by providing both 1-1 and group offerings.

  • Year 10: Full-time income, somewhat passively, allowing for semi-retirement, and being one of the best in your field.

Although this is called a 10-Year Pl…

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ART (Alignment, Reach, Trust) — Levers to Grow Your Authentic Business


Imagine three levers that can help grow your authentic business: Alignment, Reach, and Trust.

Increasing any one of them can help, but the best results come from increasing all three evenly.


This means that you have offers and content that are aligned with what your audience wants. How do you know? The more aligned, the more your audience is engaged with your offers and content.

Where solopreneurs o…

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Concentric Circles: A Wholesome Alternative to Sales Funnels

Concentric Circles Business Model George Kao

Here’s the business model that I use, and recommend for all clients to consider.

It’s an alternative to sales funnels (which often feel unethical to me).

This concentric circles model is meant for those who earn a living as solopreneurs (simpler business with less overhead) by sharing their life’s experiences via coaching, mentoring, facilitation, or healing. 

Notice that there are boundaries to each of the levels in the diagram. The…

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