Sell Only to the Eager 10%

​We become inauthentic when we try to persuade people.

When you’re in the energy of trying to “get” someone to believe you and to buy your thing, it becomes too easy to say whatever you think the other person wants to hear. You lose your grounding and integrity.

Instead, what if you sell only to people who will quickly understand the value of what you’re selling?

When speaking to potential clients, only describe your services, in detail, to the interested.

When creating an email or webpage to d…

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The trouble with cold outreach

​Too much of online prospecting/sales is about reaching out to strangers or acquaintances who have not signaled their interest in your work.

"But based on their profile they might be interested, so I should reach out to them."  

Most of the time, this feels to the recipient like spam.

Most spam is obvious to me before I even open it. The less obvious ones (where I need to open the email and read to realize it’s spam) are written by a copywriter or other marketing expert.

They try to get my atte…

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Go Where You're Respected.

​Years ago, I received a simple piece of career advice:

“Go where you’re respected.” 
— eco-entrepreneur Paul Hawken

These 4 words have guided my career
It applies to marketing too — aim to sell only to prospective clients who are already eager to work with you. By doing so, there will be no feeling of “selling.” There’s only connecting from the heart, helping them genuinely, and answering their questions.

Imagine never having to overcome objections… do multiple follow-ups… use compelling i…

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Instantly Impressive vs. Consistently Authentic

There are essentially two foundational ways of showing up in our marketing and content:

  1. Be impressive instantly.
  2. Be consistently authentic.

You can get clients through both methods, but only one method unleashes your full potential.

Let’s start with what most people think marketing is about:
Instant Impressiveness

This is when you work hard to make a great first impression: awesome logo, amazing website, persuasive copywriting, undeniable testimonials, polished videos, perf…

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Principles of Authentic Sales Conversations

It’s unfortunate that most sales conversations don’t feel authentic and uplifting.

​Here is the typical framework:
1. Cleverly remind the prospective client of their frustrations, blocks, and symptoms that made them want to seek out a solution. Ask questions or tell stories to get them to really feel the pain and how bad it would be to stay there. (Try to get them to the point of feeling desperation about solving the problem!)

2. Get them dreaming about what’s possible, the ideal lif…

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