Look at your own influencers: What are they trying to get you to be *more* of?

Which experts, personalities, and “influencers” do you follow? Whether you are aware of it or not, they are shaping your definition of success.

As you observe what 
they are pursuing, it automatically influences your beliefs of what is important to pursue.

Notice the imagery in their content (lifestyles of the rich and famous?), notice what they celebrate and point out to you, and notice the style they exhibit. 

In this moment, question the direction of growth that they are encouraging you tow…

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What money should you spend to build & grow your business?

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Over the years I've received a lot of questions about what kind of money is necessary to spend in order to grow a small business.

  • Should you spend $1,000 - $5,000 to create or upgrade your website?
  • Should you spend money on a $2,000 training program / school that is promising you a comprehensive system to build your business? 
  • Should you spend $200 a month on SEO (search engine optimization)?
  • (When) Should you hire a VA?
  • How much to…

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Do what you love, and the money will follow?

I encounter a lot of solopreneurs, individuals who wish to build a business doing what they love.  Consistently, there's a lack of understanding about how to grow a viable business, one that can financially support the business owner.

Here is a common idea:

"If I have a passion for something, then there must be enough other people who have the same passion, that I can build a business with this."

This is true... but building a business on passion alone?  It takes a lot longer than one…

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Prioritizing Conscience over Money ... and Community over Marketing

Dear Heart-Based Entrepreneur,

These equations symbolize my aim (and continual challenge) in business... do you resonate?  If so, I encourage you to comment below.  Let's support one another in bringing more Wisdom to Entrepreneurship...


So much economic injustice, and environmental degradation, happens in large part when money is prioritized over conscience.  It is especially clear in politics: the influence of money controls politicians, regardless of public co…

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