5 Requirements for Authentic Business Success

Having a sustainable livelihood -- on your own terms -- doing work that fulfills you, is one of the best experiences in life.

In other words: having a successful authentic business. With dedication and persistence, it is entirely doable.

In this blog post, I’ll outline what I see are the 5 requirements to success, along with 6 additional helpful factors.
Basic Financial Stability

You might be wondering, “Isn’t financial stability one of the reasons for having an authentic business?”

Yes, a succe…

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Why I don't try to keep up with marketing trends

When you try to learn marketing, you’ll come across a lot of “tips and tricks” to get more visibility on social media, more traffic to your website, more ways to “grab” the audience’s attention, more software to automate your outreach. 

Sometimes you find a few marketing tricks that feel authentic to you -- if so, keep using them and keep trying things that intrigue you.

Most of the time, though, learning marketing means always feeling slightly (or very much) behind... there’s a constant press…

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Why I don't lock down my courses nor copyright my content

I used to fear that people would share my paid courses forward, without their friends paying for it.

I would try to lock down my content, putting password protections on it, and making people feel badly if they even considered sharing my paid content.

One day, I realized that those protections were futile.

Most people are honest and honorable, and shouldn't be made to feel like suspects. And the very few who might share my paid content with people who didn't pay for it, are going to find clev…

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Succeeding as a Perceiver Entrepreneur in a Judger World

Image courtesy of ElisaRiva on Pixabay
Are you a “perceiver” or a “judger”? 

Can you guess what I am?

Entrepreneurs tend to be Perceivers (Myers-Briggs type) according to a 2017 study by the company that publishes the famous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

In this article I'll summarize what I've learned about Perceivers and Judgers, and talk about how each type's strengths are needed in entrepreneurship.
Perceiver Characteristics

Perceivers tend to be more curious and creative than…

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In Business, Focus on Rhythm rather than Timing

Photo from @evstyle on Unsplash

​I often get questions related to "timing"...

“What is the right time to post on social media?”

“When should I launch my next program?”

Here’s what I say in response:

What is your rhythm, and are you following it?

Asking about “timing” means two possible things are going on:
  1. You have a fantasy that timing will make or break your social media visibility or product launch.
  2. You are tempted to use “timing” as an excuse to delay, for fear of reje…

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