ART (Alignment, Reach, Trust) — Levers to Grow Your Authentic Business


Imagine three levers that can help grow your authentic business: Alignment, Reach, and Trust.

Increasing any one of them can help, but the best results come from increasing all three evenly.


This means that you have offers and content that are aligned with what your audience wants. How do you know? The more aligned, the more your audience is engaged with your offers and content.

Where solopreneurs o…

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Concentric Circles: A Wholesome Alternative to Sales Funnels

Concentric Circles Business Model George Kao

Here’s the business model that I use, and recommend for all clients to consider.

It’s an alternative to sales funnels, which often feel unethical to me. For more: why I don't like marketing funnels.

This concentric circles model is meant for those who earn a living as solopreneurs (simpler business with less overhead) by sharing their life’s experiences via coaching, mentoring, facilitation, or healing. 

Notice that there are boundar…

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​Authentic Business Success: Prioritize Your Inner Life

“Tell me about your goals.”

“Well, I want a business beyond my wildest dreams. Doesn’t everyone?!”

In her voice, there’s a slight tinge of desperation… an unspoken, “I refuse to be happy until I arrive.”

I had that same type of energy when I started my business in 2009. Easily influenced by my business mentors, I became uber-focused on external success. Becoming a millionaire, building a guru online presence, etc. 

Eventually, I…

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Authentic Business Values


I am launching my group program for next year (Authentic Business MasterHeart), for solopreneurs who resonate with a certain values set.

I’m happy to share these values publicly, with the hope that it inspires growth for all business owners.

As you read each point below, take a moment to reflect on how it aligns with your own values. I’d love any comments, questions, and even suggestions.

Authentic Business Community Values

  1. Our business is not just a w…

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Recover from Entrepreneurial Failure: BREATHE.

I’ve been full-time as a solopreneur since 2009. I’ve launched many services, programs, and events. Some of them have been busts, getting few to no enrollments. 

My first reactions to those experiences had been discouragement and slight depression. Many times I’ve been tempted to quit.

Some might be surprised that a business/marketing “expert” like me would still experience failures anymore. 

Actually, the most experienced professionals …

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