Authentic Business Values


I am launching my group program for next year (Authentic Business MasterHeart), for solopreneurs who resonate with a certain values set.

I’m happy to share these values publicly, with the hope that it inspires growth for all business owners.

As you read each point below, take a moment to reflect on how it aligns with your own values. I’d love any comments, questions, and even suggestions.

Authentic Business Community Values

  1. Our business is not just a way of making money. Instead, it feels like a mission or cause to us. If our business were to succeed, the ripple effect it would have in the world – that vision is much of what inspires us to grow our business.

  2. We are continually dedicated to serving and uplifting humanity through the ways we do business, and along the way, we are deeply dedicated to our own personal growth, becoming more wise and loving by the year. This is why we work: it’s our authentic business.

  3. Marketing is not a means to an end. It's not just a way to get more clients (although over time, marketing obviously does help us get more clients). Authentic Marketing is an effective vehicle to evolve our understanding of our “calling” (fulfilling career purpose), and to serve humanity through our authentic content.

  4. We understand the importance of actively distributing our content, for example through collaborations or paid ads, as an important way we make a positive difference to our audience, industry, and world.

  5. We are dedicated to working with joyful productivity on a consistent basis. It's part of our life’s purpose to bring our higher values into our work, and to optimize the balance of our work with our self-care, our play, and the rest of life. 

  6. We believe in healthy money – relating to the world of finances in ways that support mental and societal health. While we aim to be responsible for our finances, we also practice letting go of fixation on the numbers. We aim to notice when money starts to strain relationships, both personal and professional. We aim to use money as a way to connect human beings for societal improvement.

  7. We prioritize netcaring, which is the ongoing practice of connecting from the heart with colleagues and clients, current and potential, with genuine enjoyment, instead of the typical mindset of agenda-laden networking. We love collaboration, or learning from each other and exploring potential win-win relationships.

  8. Instead of pushy sales, we optimize our offerings so that they are truly aligned and delightful for our audience, by continually conducting market research in various ways. 

  9. We remind our audience of our aligned offers by consistently doing gentle launches. With aligned offers, our promotions feel more like gentle conversations from grounded integrity, rather than desperate attention-seeking and manipulation.

  10. Even when our business is doing well financially, we are not complacent with the state of our product and service. We are truly committed to the mastery of our craft, to continually upgrade the value we offer our customers and audience.

  11. In our community we accept and explore all beliefs, political and religious (as well as apolitical and areligious), knowing that each person has barely even a grain of understanding compared to the Truth which encompasses the whole. Therefore, we are gentle, caring, and curious in our communications with each other.

  12. We practice bringing play into our work. We believe in the genius that can come from improvisation, experimentation, and humbly sharing our authentic Self with our audience. (Speaking of improvisation... this 12th value was created on the spot in this video.)

Which of these values do you resonate with? Any specific ones stand out to you? I'm always open to your feedback and suggestions.

May all of us solopreneurs find a more authentic and joyful success in our business.