Alexandra Franzen on Describing What You Do, Healthy Boundaries, and Entrepreneurial Success

​Once in a long while -- too rarely -- do I come across someone who is modeling authentic, simple marketing in a way that makes me go "wow" ...and want to share forward.

Alexandra Franzen is deeply resonant with her audience, yet without pushing. Gives so much value, with gentleness.

1. I loved her blog post about creating little miracles. It's a about simple question that helps us focus on making a better offering and doing better marketing.

2. And check out her newsletter opt-in page.…

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A System for Email Productivity

A decade ago, I started to help friends and colleagues with becoming more organized and efficient with their email.

A few of them said it was life-changing.

I think most of us underestimate the weight that unprocessed emails have on our psyche. We only know after we have successfully cleared our inbox. The feeling of lightness is amazing :)

When I wrote about my email processing system a few years ago, the post went viral, and was featured several times on popular sites.

Here is the newest version o…

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Describe the Mainstream Version of What You Do

What's the mainstream version of what you do?

When should someone seek you out?

Your prospective clients don't know the nuances of your field.

If you're an energy healer, they don't know that there 15 different modalities (or whatever).

If you're a relationship counselor, they don't need to know that there are 8 different philosophies.

If you're a life coach, they don't need to know that there are 5 major life coaching schools and why the one you graduated from is different from the rest.…

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To Improve Your Marketing, Get Clearer About Your Ideal Clients

Would you like your marketing to be more effective?

Focus on who you are marketing to. 

For example, when you buy Facebook ads, they encourage you to be specific about which age group, which gender, and what specific interests they have.

A man in his 30's has very different life challenges and considerations than a woman in her 60's... and each needs to see a different marketing message.

Do you believe that your service can help many different types of people? If so, are you trying to ma…

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Be Persistent and Uncover New Solutions

Albert Einstein said this:

"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."

He was considered one of humanity's great geniuses, and yet he credited persistence for solving his greatest challenges.

I have been discovering this to be true in my own business and life.  When I am willing to stay just a bit longer with a problem -- rather than just give up and quit -- I eventually find a good solution.

For a moment, I invite you to "step back" and take a look at your …

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