Ask YourSelf Questions That Matter, More Frequently


Here's a simple method to solve more problems, in any area of your life:

Ask yourself questions (that matter) more frequently.

What are the problems you want to solve in your life? 

A few examples that might be relevant to you:
  • "How can my day be better managed?"
  • "How can my work be done with greater joy?"
  • "What offering is a good balance between my interests and the market's wants?"
  • "What really moves my business forward?"
  • "How can I be more effective for my clients?"

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My Best Posts -- 40th Birthday Edition!

Recently celebrated my 40th birthday :)

As I reflect on everything I've posted online ... status updates, articles, videos ... there are specific pieces I find myself recommending more often. I'm proud to present to you my best 40 postings, ever. (It's my opinion... you can let me know what you think!)  

The topics include:

Joyful Productivity -- how to be organized, productive, inspired (even "spiritual") as we work, and to have a healthy balance with non-productivity.

Authentic Marketi…

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7 Ways to Earn a Living from Your Experience, Wisdom, Expertise

Take a moment.  Consider the vast and deep experience you've gained in your life -- through your work, your research, your studies, and how you have transformed yourself, and helped other people. 

Chances are good that, by applying smart strategies, you can turn that into a full-time living, from home or wherever you have internet access.  

I'm writing from the perspective of my own experience.  For the past 7 years, I've earned a full-time income, as a solopreneur, by teaching/coachin…

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How To Know If People Will Buy Your Services (Test Narrow Niches)

Here's my recommended path to discovering your ideal niche...

Exploration ==> Testing ==> Mastery

During the exploration stage, I recommend doing 2 things:

  1. Journaling the intersection between what you love and what others love to buy. 

  2. Then, it's productive to have as many niche interviews as possible (conversations with potential ideal clients) to discover for yourself what people are spending their money on, that is related to what you might want to offer. It will naturally build…

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Do what you love, and the money will follow?

I encounter a lot of solopreneurs, individuals who wish to build a business doing what they love.  Consistently, there's a lack of understanding about how to grow a viable business, one that can financially support the business owner.

Here is a common idea:

"If I have a passion for something, then there must be enough other people who have the same passion, that I can build a business with this."

This is true... but building a business on passion alone?  It takes a lot longer than one…

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