How To Get Clients as an Authentic Business

Coaches, Healers, and Mentors, here’s a marketing framework to help you fill your practice.

As an authentic business, you are by definition doing something unique, offering a service or product that is rarely available elsewhere.

This means that people aren’t used to buying your product, and it won’t be as easy to market, compared to a mainstream service or commodity product.

How then can you actually get clients, and have it occur on a consistent basis? In this post I’ll describe 4 important piece…

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How do you use your idle-mind time?

When thinking about how you use your time, have you considered the several hours a day where your mind might be idle, when you are: 
  • Doing your morning hygiene
  • In the shower
  • Preparing and eating your meals
  • Cleaning or puttering
  • In the bathroom
  • On your commute
  • Walking outside
  • Waiting in line
  • Just chilling out

…in these moments, your body is operating on muscle memory, while your mind is free to think whatever it wants.

​If you pay attention to your thoughts during the above activiti…

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My Schedule of Content Creation

I’ve been creating 3 videos and 3 blog posts each week... approx 150 videos, 150 blog posts per year since 2015.

(The vast majority of my blog posts are located in
 the “description” field of the hundreds of videos. I've only placed some of the best ones here on my website blog.)

A reader asked about my schedule for creating content. I’ll share it here in detail...
More importantly, I’ll share the principles behind my schedule so that you can create your own ideal rhythm of content.

Idea Capture


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What to do when not enough people are signing up for your services...

You love helping people with your skills and passion.

​You've been trying to sell your services, and yet, not enough people are buying... 

What to do?
Let's take a look at the 3 reasons why people might not be buying from you, and some solutions you might want to implement.


Perhaps you are not yet talking to enough people who are likely to buy your services.

You might be interacting a lot with people who have never bought or don't usually spend money on services like yours.

For example if…

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You don't need "more traffic" to your website...

By @JadeMasri from Unsplash

​Some marketing experts are always trying to get you loads of “traffic”.

By their language you can sense their values. Perhaps without consciously recognizing it, they are seeing people as a means to an end — 
their own wealth and fame.

Let's be careful not to absorb their self-absorbed values.

Let's stop thinking in terms of "traffic" and focus on serving the right "people". The language we use will determine how we relate to our audience.

What an authentic bu…

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