Must you focus on just 1 niche?


A reader wrote this to me:

“My passion is to help people lead a happy life. I want to help people achieve fulfillment in 3 important areas of their lives… relationships, finances, and career. 

As I’ve read and researched, I see that many experts recommend tailoring down to a specific niche, and focusing on narrow issues; thereby warning against taking a big range of topics. I perfectly understand that the 3 areas I’ve picked are so wide! In fact, e…

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Even if you're not posting any content, don’t neglect to do gentle launches 🌱

Maybe it’s my fault.  

I’ve written and spoken for years about how beneficial it is to be creating content consistently. 

Now, some of you are feeling guilty if you aren’t being consistent with it.

You might even be letting it stop you from doing gentle launches on a consistent basis.

What’s a “gentle launch”? Very simply put: it’s posting 1-2 messages on social media (and to your email newsletter) about …

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Charge more money to get more motivated clients?


A reader asked:

 “We often hear that we only commit to things we pay a dear price for. Today a coach tried to sell me a £20k program to work with him 1-o-1, weekly sessions for a year. And he justifies the price with the need to commit: if you pay for a cheap service you won't be so likely to commit to change.

As a healer, I wonder if selling high price packages might actually help my clients stick with my healing programs instead of being distracted by the next thing they find online.

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Purity of Intention in Your Marketing

I’ve noticed that many service providers who consider themselves “spiritual” often toss their spirituality out the window when it comes to marketing.

For example, when they’re taught to use a sales/conversion funnel, they feel like they “have to” use it, even though it feels contrived and manipulative to them.

I say there’s no need for a sales funnel.

Holistic practitioners know that deep change is a long-term process, and yet in their business, they sometimes try to force short-term result…

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FOMO Marketing vs. Kindness Toward Your Audience

"There are only TWO spots left in the program. Sign up now!"

…is the sort of marketing message we might receive from a conventional marketer.

It seems to me that they haven’t taken the care to consider how the audience feels. They're doing it because it "works" to get those few openings filled.

When they offer only 2 spots left, and yet the campaign is being sent to thousands of people, what are the rest o…

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