Charm Pricing -- why I don’t recommend it


​Many businesses -- maybe yours -- use a pricing tactic that is manipulative... and oftentimes they don’t even know it.


$14.95 instead of $15
$47 instead of $50
$999 instead of $1,000

What’s going on here? 
The tactic is called “charm pricing” or “psychological pricing”. You encounter it when you go shopping.

Few consumers realize what’s going on:

It makes you think a price is smaller. For example, $947 seems like it’s “under a thousand dollars” instead of $1,000 whi…

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Money Follows Confidence

Photo by Form on Unsplash
A few thoughts on how to develop authentic confidence
​Notice that money tends to flow to those who are most confident.

However, fake confidence is too commonly taught in marketing. Fake it ‘till you make it. Appear to be bigger, or more polished, than you actually are. Use hype to get the sale. Offer huge guarantees to remove all their risk. 
It does get some people to buy, but fake confidence is neither sustainable, nor does it produce a fulfilling busine…

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Can we be authentically ambitious?

A reader asked: 

“How can we maintain an authentic approach, yet integrate business practices such as target goals? I have a personal challenge to top my best efforts from the previous quarter, e.g. doing twice as many videos, selling more products, etc. Is it possible to have ambition, while being authentic?”

I love this question. I feel that it aims to integrate spirituality and worldliness, right and left brain, heaven and earth.

Here is my approach to synergize these polarities:

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Reframing your “money problems” into something more uplifting and actionable…

I used to think: “If I could only just solve my money problem, then I could finally live the life I want.”

This made me get into all kinds of get-rich-quick schemes, which actually made me even poorer, and alienated my friends.

Those painful experiences eventually taught me that the real life I wanted wasn't about money. It was about being of real contribution to other people. In other words, I wanted a right livelihood.

Instead of seeing money as a problem to be solved, let’s see money as an…

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Why do you want to make lots of money?

Why do you want to make lots of money?

(First of all, if you’re not wanting to explore this question, and would rather just learn how, read this instead: How to make lots of money authentically?)

When you start learning marketing, and hanging around others who are building a business, it’s easy to get swept up in the dream to make lots of money.

It's important to reflect on the question of Why, because without continual clarity about this, you might be heading in the wrong direction...

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