Want consistent income? Have consistent valuable output.

If you’re seeking consistent income, aim for consistent valuable output:
  1. Are you consistently creating authentic, relevant content?
  2. Are you consistently connecting with new referral sources?
  3. Are you consistently testing new low-price offers?
  4. Are you consistently reaching out for clients?

You don’t have to do all four, but aim to do at least two of the aboveBecoming skillful in these valuable actions requires consistent practice and willingness to make mistakes and learn from “failure.” Translate “failure” into “learning opportunity” and keep going!
Aim to be truly productive on a consistent basis.

In the above 4 actions, one key aspect is that they are done in relationship with others. The aim is to consistently get feedback so you can see whether you are actually contributing value.

This is as opposed to “marketing” actions that are done in isolation or only with team members. Examples of questionable activity:
  • Working on your website even when nobody has asked you to, but you “feel” it needs an update…
  • Working on your logo when nobody has indicated that it would help them to work with you…
  • Trying to figure out your niche by doing private brainstorming and journaling, rather than doing it through content exploration
  • Creating a course before you’ve launched it, therefore having no evidence whether it will sell. (Instead, I prefer to launch, get sales, then create the course.)

Become aware of whether you’re spending useful time in your business. Again, here it the simplest indicator:

If your business isn’t getting consistent income, your business isn’t outputting enough consistent value.

The history of my business consistency:

2009–2013: I created consistent income with consistent launches of my coaching programs. On average, I was presenting 2 webinars per month, often to new audiences, with several promotional partners.

2014: I stopped those launches because I was getting tired of being salesy. I was undergoing a spiritual transformation and as a result, decided to give out a lot more free content. I created 69 youtube videos that year (all of them were also turned into podcast episodes.) That gave me some initial practice into content creation, but I wasn’t savvy enough about content distribution.

2015: I committed to creating 100 videos. Doing so has made a significant difference in my skillfulness and willingness to create consistent, authentic, relevant content. (Here’s my 100th video!)

2016: I continued publishing several videos per week as well as written blog posts. I did it consistently, all year long, except for Christmas holiday week. I also started getting a lot more consistent with running Facebook Ads to effectively distribute my content. (As a result of client requests, I eventually created an online course about Facebook Ads.)

In the middle of 2016 I noticed that I had no more room in my business coaching practice — and yet I was no longer doing any client outreach. This was thanks to my content creation and distribution, reaching enough of the right people that I was now getting more than enough inquiries.

2017: I started offering a monthly online workshop on different topics. This is gently announced in my weekly email newsletter as well as sent to my workshops email list, and through Facebook ads.

2018: In addition to regular videos, blog posts, and the monthly online workshop, I also published 2 books (Kindle, paperback, audiobook formats.)

2019: In addition to my monthly workshops, my 2 videos and blog posts per week, I also started posting an additional 2 short writings to my Facebook page per week and to my Instagram profile along with 2 IGTV videos weekly. How I’m able to keep up: of the 4 content pieces I post each week, 3 of them are older best pieces that I edit and re-post, so only 1 piece per week is new.

2020: In addition to all of that, I’m now getting back into consistently being interviewed on other people’s video channels and podcasts. Example: my interview on Jovana Miljanovic’s podcast.

As a result? I’ve been getting consistent income since 2009… because for all that time, I’ve been consistently creating valuable output.

Here is the bottom line:
If your income is not steady, your valuable activities are not steady.

Take a look at the 4 strategies at the very top of this post. Which one will you dedicate to becoming consistent and more skillful with?

​As you take skillful consistent effort, you will naturally see positive results.