Free vs. Premium Content

​Which of your content should be free versus paid?

This is an important question which I will address in the second half of this post.

​First, we need to talk about whether content should have a fee attached. For example: online courses.
I used to promote the idea that all content should be free because it would (1) help humanity progress faster, (2) help you attract your ideal audience, and (3) make you more creative by easing the pressure in creating your perfect content.

A few ye…

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The Rare Gift of Constructive Feedback — for Improving a Business

If there’s a service provider that you respect, and you’d like to give them a gift (without having to spend money) consider doing the following:

Gently and kindly let them know why you are not signing up for their program, service, or product. You read that right. Give them the incredibly helpful gift of feedback.

This kind of message can really improve their marketing, and help them make decisions about what product or service they provide.

​Let’s talk about this valuable exercise, fr…

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The 3 Stages of Content

​A common mistake that I see from aspiring content creators. Maybe you have done this too:

You have an idea that inspires you… so you think that it must also excite other people, too. Understandable!
Therefore you put lots of time (and maybe money) into packaging that idea into a book… or course… or you create an amazing video after a lot of hard work.

You share it with the world.

What usually happens?

Far less response than you hoped for…

You just fell for a core human bias — to…

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Are you a multipotentialite / multi-passionate business?

“I’m hoping that I can find a way to weave things together in a way that makes sense, resonates with buyers, feels enjoyable, and generates income.” — a client said.

“That’s a lot of pressure on yourself,” I thought.

Who says you need to weave all your interests together in a way that makes sense to anyone else, except for yourself?
​(You can have the most complicated vision of your work, as long as it makes sense to you.)

What if being financially successful — and happy in your wor…

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Which Online Course Platform is Best for the Solopreneur?

November 2022 Update:

This year I switched over to Simplero. Now that I've gotten 7 months of very active use of this platform, I love it!
This blog post below is now outdated :)

The following (outdated post) was written in April 2020:

​​More than ever, students all over the world, of all ages, are learning through online courses, and teachers are figuring out how to teach classes online using course platforms otherwise known as LM…

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