Sliding Scale Pricing: Why I Don’t Recommend It

​I have several colleagues and clients who offer sliding-scale pricing. Some of them advocate for it, so it’s touchy for me to disagree with that strategy, but I feel it’s important to share my point of view about it. I don’t feel that sliding scale and pay-what-you-can is supportive for most businesses, and it puts too much burden on customers. 
Even if there are a few people who are doing it effectively, I think they are exceptions. Most of us would have a more sustainable business i…

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Towards a Clear, Understandable Message for Your Brand

​It's often said (or assumed) that a fundamental principle of marketing is to
have a clear, understandable message.

It's then assumed that you should come up with that clarity before you start "putting your brand out there".

This is like having a fixed mindset in marketing & branding.
Growth Mindset for Branding​

A growth mindset looks more like this:

You don't "have" a clear message. 
You're always working to further clarify. 

You’re dedicated to the ongoing process of clarifyin…

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The 5 key pieces to think about before launching your online course

​As I prepare to update my 
Authentic Course Launches training, I’d like to clear up a major myth, as well as share the 5 pieces to think about if you’re interested in launching your own courses. 
The major misconception is that creating courses is primarily about choosing the right platform -- Thinkific? Kajabi? MemberVault? LearnDash? MightyNetworks? Something else? 

To see the results of my research: which online course platform is best for the solopreneur? 

By choosing the right p…

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Break the pattern of delay. Stop "preparing"...

​A common thought-pattern that prevents a lot of people from making progress in their business:

Before I...  [take the next real step in my business]
I need to first do  [some preparatory action that takes a lot of time]
so that I'll feel more ready/confident to move forward.

This is a dangerous train of thought because "preparation" always sounds logical... until you wake up to the fact that you have already been preparing for …

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To help you clarify your offers -- The CORE Program

​I'm launching a new coaching program to support you in clarifying the most resonant service or product that you can offer to your audience.

You’ll gain confidence
 in brainstorming and then narrowing down what you would enjoy offering, that will likely be also financially successful.

You’ll learn to explain what you offer in a clear way.

Watch me explain the 8 steps of the CORE program in the video above.

I'm facilitating this program live only once every 2 years.

The next round star…

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