The ACT Method for achieving your dreams

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ACT is a simple method for overcoming procrastination and making real progress on any difficult challenge or problem. Use this to get things done and make progress on your dreams.

ACT stands for:
It can be used to complete a single difficult task, or to plan a large project. Here's how it works:
A = Attitude

When it comes to achieving their dreams, many people allow themselves to wallow too much in uncertainty, doubt or fear. As a result, they experience resistance and keep procrastinating.

the first step of any project is to enter a positive mindset about the goal or task. 
I keep myself positive and energized throughout the day by doing frequent energy reboots. That’s the first thing I do in the ACT process.
C = Chunking

You can accomplish anything step by step. When we aren't making progress on our dreams, it's simply because we aren't consistently taking steps forward. 
"Chunking" doesn’t come naturally to our way of thinking. We feel doubt or fear or uncertainty about anything because we haven’t taken the step to “chunk it down”, in other words, to write out the specific steps needed to accomplish the project.
To write down specifically what we need to do? Such a simple but miraculous process to achieve clarity.
Even something seemingly simple like “write a blog post” can be chunked down to soothe our fears and make it feel more doable:
  • Quickly jot down 3 ideas I’d like to include in this post.
  • Write a very imperfect first draft.
  • Take a break.
  • Come back and edit the draft into a good enough post.
  • Post it on website.
You can get even more specific about any step, to make it feel more doable. In other words, anything can be chunked down further to help you feel more confident. Baby steps!

For example, what if “jot down 3 ideas” feels hard for someone to do? Chunk it down further:
  • What’s 1 thing I want to say in this post?
  • What’s another thing I might want to say?
  • What about a third thing I might say?

What you don't even know what the next steps are? Chunk down how you'll find out:
  • Brainstorm 3 ways I can learn the right steps for this project.
  • Choose one of those 3 learning methods.
  • Learn for 15 minutes and write down what the next step might be.
What task or project are you fearful about, or procrastinating on? Try chunking it down right now.
T = Timing

Now get specific about when you’ll take each step. Plan the steps into your calendar so that you can see how it fits into your schedule.
If it’s a task you’re doing right now, then Timing means to put approximate boundaries for how long you’ll spend on each step:
  • 5 minutes -- Jot down 3 ideas
  • 30 minutes -- Write first imperfect draft
  • 5 minutes -- Break
  • 15 minutes -- Edit draft
ACT to Build Your Business 

If you dream of having a successful authentic business, try the ACT method:  
What is it you want to accomplish? Try the ACT process today.
I’d love to know how it goes for you, or if you have any questions.