The Daily Energy Reboot Technique


(Originally posted in 2017, updated for 2019.)

When you feel stuck, it's because your perspective has gotten stuck.

When you're stuck, you don’t have the mental and emotional energy in that moment to figure a way through. Stay stuck and you'll be in danger of spiraling into negativity. 

Yet, you can make progress on 
any problem if you were tapped into your creativity and persistence. 

This is why the most foundational practice I have at work is not how I manage my time, knowledge, or the tools in my business... it's how I "reboot" my energy throughout the day, to get unstuck at anytime.

It takes less than a minute, and makes a real difference.

I'll explain my Energy Reboot process in this post.
With enough energy, you really can find a way through any challenge. Sometimes, you need to take a break and work on it later... but even saying "yes" to the wise impulse to rest... requires energy!

I look forward to hearing how this technique benefits you.

First of all, you already reboot your energy everyday, through sleeping, eating, walking, listening to an uplifting song, or simply standing up after sitting.

However, it is helpful to have a conscious process to quickly reboot your energy so that anytime you feel stuck, lethargic, or negative, you can generate just enough energy to have a wiser perspective about what to do next.

An energy reboot is a practical application of mindfulness.

It's how I frequently remember my deeper purpose and reconnect to my eternal Source of support.

I've now been consciously doing energy reboots for 4 years. It's had a profound impact on my spiritual growth, joyful productivity, and authentic business.

The version I do multiple times a day is the quick one, which only requires 30 seconds:

Quick Energy Reboot

I encourage you to modify this process to work with your own style and beliefs. Make it meaningful to you, so you'll do it more often!

Frequency throughout the day is what makes this so effective. It only takes 30 seconds each time, so 
do this as often as you can, every hour during your working day if possible, or whenever you'd like a subtle boost!

The first minute of this video demonstrates it:

1. Breathe IN: LOVE.

(I believe the universe is, in some mysterious way, actually made of love. We are literally breathing it in!)

2. Breathe OUT: Total Security.

(I believe this is the real truth of your destiny and mine -- we have nothing to be afraid of; we will always be taken care of; we are headed inevitably toward ultimate bliss.)

3. Breathe IN: Guidance. 

(Higher guidance is always available to us, let's open ourselves to it.)

4. Breathe OUT: Thank You. 

(A natural response to higher Love and Guidance!)

5. Breathe IN: Joy.

(Connect to the joyful experience of this moment.)

6. Breathe OUT: Love & Gratitude.

(I envision myself en-joying the next task I do.)

That's it!

3 intentional breaths.

Should take about 30 seconds. I make it as quick as possible, while still being meaningful, so that I am more likely to do it often. 

You can also repeat any of these breaths for more impact in the moment.

Working from home means that I can do this anytime, but if you work next to others, you can still do this discreetly: just don't hold your hands to you heart and simply do the intentional breathing with those conscious thoughts.

Reminder Tools:

You can remind yourself to do your Energy Reboot in a couple of ways...

Reminder Method #1 -- Try an app:

On your computer or phone, you can install a break reminder app or an hourly chime

I used such tools for several months, before my energy reboots became habitual.

Reminder Method #2 -- Anchoring to existing habit

Simply put, this is to attach your Energy Reboot to another action you already do frequently. For example, do your energy reboot before each meeting, or whenever you get back to your computer.

To read more: How to anchor a new habit to an existing habit. 

Reminder Method #3 -- Whenever you feel suboptimal.

Anytime you notice that you've gotten away from being focused, happy, and creative, it's time to do your energy reboot! 

Prime your brain by saying to yourself:

"Whenever I feel suboptimal, I return to feeling better by doing an Energy Reboot."

This is a tough one. Many of us are not aware of what our emotional/energy state is at any point in a day. We're just so habituated to doing whatever is in front of us, or just assuming that how we're feeling right now can't or shouldn't be changed.

The fact is that you are a conscious being that can change your feelings anytime with conscious action. 
Any moment you catch yourself being less than focused & calm, simply do a quick energy reboot and you'll find yourself more capable of being wiser, more loving, more focused in the next moment

It takes a lot of practice observing yourself many times a day, but it's totally worth it. Mindfulness and conscious living will greatly improve your life and work over time.

Longer Energy Reboot

At least once a day, reboot your energy with a longer process. Here are some ideas:


Quick walk

Martial arts

Drink healthy beverage e.g. tea, coffee, water
Eat a healthy snack if you haven’t eaten in awhile
Nap if needed
Spending a few sweet minutes with a loved one
Even a few minutes of puttering might help you reset!

Truly Live, Even As You Work.

The bottom line is that an energy reboot allows us to truly live, even as we work. Many of our waking hours are spent working, so we might as well enjoy it!

When you keep bringing yourself to a positive state of mind and heart, you can enjoy your whole day at work, no matter what tasks you are doing.

I encourage you to create your own energy reboot practice as soon as possible, and use it every day that you work.

​I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.