Why every authentic business should have its own framework

As I work on revamping my course Create Your Framework, I realize the importance of first explaining what a framework is and why it’s important for every authentic business to have its own.

Other words for “framework” include model, system, methodology, blueprint, map, curriculum, signature program, theory of change, and client transformational journey.
What is a framework?

The easiest way to understand it is to give you some examples of popular frameworks you may have heard of, along with what type they are:

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (pyramid)

Updated Hierarchy of Needs (sailboat!)

Internal Family Systems (parts)

The Work of Byron Katie (linear)

The 5 Love Languages (archetypal)

The Wheel of Life (pie)

Eisenhower Matrix (grid)

Ikigai (overlapping circles)

Authentic Business Model (concentric circles)

Frameworks help you to better understand yourself and the world, within the context of a particular methodology.

As you study them, you might notice that no framework is perfectly comprehensive. Or that it’s not worded in the ideal way you prefer.

When it comes to understanding and integrating your life experiences, no framework is ideal, except for the one you create.

As you create and share your framework with others, the resulting conversations will help you reflect and grow in a more focused and potent way. Your framework conversations will help others along their own learning journey as well.

Your Framework Makes Your Work Irreplaceable

Once you’ve created your own framework, it becomes a unique way of thinking about the world and working through a specific set of problems or working towards a specific set of outcomes.

No one else will think about those problems or goals in the same way that your framework does.

Although other people may create related frameworks, yours will be a system that comes from your own experience and research, and nothing can replace that. It will also keep evolving, based on your continued learning.

Your Framework Can Help Others

As you develop your framework and get it out into the world, your true fans will deeply resonate with it.

Your framework will show them where they are on their journey now, and where they need to go.

It provides validation for their experiences thus far, and guidance for where they might wish to aim their attention.

Every Important Idea will have a Place

Once you create your framework, you start to learn and study more effectively, because your brain has somewhere to put everything. And if you ever encounter an idea that doesn’t fit, your brain starts to look for a way to evolve your framework.

Imagine that as you continue discovering or creating knowledge, you’ll have a framework in which you can place all important ideas!

You’ll have fewer “open loops” in your mind that cause confusion or anxiety. There will be a bucket for everything.

All Frameworks Evolve

Of course, your framework doesn’t have to be set in stone. It can grow in new directions.

As you apply your framework to your content creation, you’ll find parts that can be eliminated, extended, combined, or changed... especially in the early days.

When you use someone else’s framework, you don’t have the right to change theirs. So it’s great to have your own framework because you can modify and update it anytime you like.

Audiences Appreciate Updated Frameworks

Maybe you're concerned that changing your framework will seem flaky, but in my experience -- with my own business and in coaching other thought-leaders -- announcing an updated framework has more benefits than drawbacks.

The re-launch or update of a framework will create a natural marketing buzz and introduce it to people who hadn't seen it previously.

Those who already adopted your framework will be glad to know that it’s even better than before. You get to explain the insights that led to the changes. This gives you additional opportunities to create new content/products/programs, or update older ones.

If you love learning and teaching, I encourage you to create your own framework.

To learn alongside me and others, check out my online course called Create Your Framework.

How You Can Benefit from a Knowledge Framework