Success in solopreneurship requires a stable schedule.

The only way I’ve seen solopreneurs have a stably successful business is if they keep a stable schedule of work.

That schedule is different for everyone, of course, but it’s still a stable schedule of some sort.

When I tell this to my students, who are hippies at heart (like me!), there’s often pushback:

“George, there must be a way to thrive without working with a strict schedule/calendar… my brain/heart just doesn’t work like yours… there are different personality types and all types can thrive, right?”

Of course all types can thrive in various careers, but to have a viable solopreneur business means that no matter your type, you’ve got to lean into the practices of stability.

Stable income requires the stable delivery of services, which requires a stable schedule.

Having a stable income also assumes stable lead generation, which again requires a stable schedule.

Solopreneurs are mostly just one person doing it all. Hence, your own stability of action is crucial.

A common counter-argument:

“But George, I know someone / am someone who’s doing fine in business and they don’t follow a strict schedule like you…”

My response:

Does that person have a team member who is stable? If not, then, perhaps they’re already above-average naturally talented, and can get by in their business by “going with the flow”, but I’m willing to bet that their wishy-washiness is keeping them from a far greater potential…

Stable practices lead to skillfulness, which leads to excellence.

No teacher says “To reach success in this field, do XYZ… whenever you feel like it.” Because if so, you would’ve already succeeded.

Pick any instrument… playing the piano, guitar, anything. It’s similar to building a business: regular practice is the only way to get good at it.

What feels “unnatural” / “not you” becomes natural and very much “you”, if you keep doing it. When you were born, it was very unnatural for you to read. Of course, it’s natural for you now. The same principle applies to any business activity.

Just observe whether you’re doing the necessary things regularly or not. I don’t care whether you follow a calendar or have a strict schedule. I care that you are doing the right things regularly. If it’s natural that you do so, then that’s great! But usually, it’s not natural.

Any method that can be taught requires some level of regularity of practice, whether it’s daily actions, weekly, monthly, moon cycle, etc. If your go-with-the-flow ways are matching your aimed-for business and life, then keep going!

But maybe you’re happy with being able to lightly jog a few kilometers — or to earn a few hundred / 1–2K per month in your business? Having a business at the level of success you want? It’s much more like running a marathon.


But my spiritual guides don’t like regularity…

Many spiritual people tend to say that they are “following their intuition” or guidance when they shirk on their calendar…

Notice when you follow your guidance and when you don’t. Are you aware of your guidance when you’re going into a rabbit hole, or are you absorbed by the current activity and lose track of time? Some people say that they’re still following their guidance, but I question whether that’s true, or whether they’re following wise guidance…

How do you know it’s higher guidance, versus your past conditioning?

I sometimes wonder — do most of the guides being followed by solopreneurs really understand our 3rd dimensional time limitations, and the need to pay rent? 😂

Doing things that feel unnatural is sometimes misinterpreted as being “unspiritual” or unintuitive or not following one’s higher guidance.

It depends.

For example, we don’t want to be nice to someone who isn’t nice to us. Unconditional love often feels unnatural.

Self-discipline (and self-care) also often feels unnatural because you’re stuck in a pattern.

Spiritual guidance isn’t only invisible-in-your-head. It also comes through other people. Like me, to you, through this blog post. I’m not God, nor your spiritual guide, but perhaps your divine Source might sometimes try to whisper to you through me, and other sources (small “s”) that you read/watch.


You’re not lazy.

I truly believe this. You’re already expending much energy and I know you’re trying, given your capacity.

But I whisper to you: “there may be a better strategy…”

1. Observing your patterns of energy — when do you most feel like doing challenging things?

2. Connecting that observation to a well-planned consistency of output. (FYI I offer productivity training for solopreneurs.)

3. Use Focusmate or another accountability system to show up regularly for your planned work.

It’s essential to remember that what feels good and natural and flowy isn’t often what is effective for living into your highest potential.


Calendar is the tool for stability.

So we’re back to the calendar, except it’s a calendar you smartly design based on your rhythms and due dates. If you don’t have set times to do things, you’re likely to have it weigh on you in many inappropriate moments, like you’re trying to spend time with loved ones but you know the to-do list is nagging at you.

If you haven’t yet, study CCC: capture, categorize, calendar. With that system, nothing has to fall through the cracks. Everything important gets its due attention.

No, it’s not easy. Otherwise, everyone would be successful in their chosen fields. Instead, most people live lives of anxiety and scarcity due to lack of calm self-control. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Take the path gently, grow gradually every day. Trust the process.

I encourage you to keep striving for a stable schedule, as it’s the key to sustained success as a solopreneur.