Reframing your “money problems” into something more uplifting and actionable…

I used to think: “If I could only just solve my money problem, then I could finally live the life I want.”

This made me get into all kinds of get-rich-quick schemes, which actually made me even poorer, and alienated my friends.

Those painful experiences eventually taught me that the real life I wanted wasn't about money. It was about being of real contribution to other people. In other words, I wanted a right livelihood.

Instead of seeing money as a problem to be solved, let’s see money as an opportunity to connect. Let me explain.
When you see money as a “problem to be solved”, you can be tempted by money-getting schemes that are either immoral or just plain scams. Quick and ethical income is rarely possible. Get-rich-quick schemes do one thing well: taking your money, leaving you with less capital, both financial and social.

Plus, you wouldn’t even enjoy (or couldn’t stomach) doing what those schemes want you to do.

If you finally did get some money, and temporarily “solve your money problems,” you’ll find that it’s not sustainable. You’ll soon feel the lack of money again.

Seeing lack of money as “a problem” is a negative worldview. Living with a negative mindset tends to attract more reasons to view the world negatively.

Think about it -- Lack of money is not an objective fact. It’s based on your desires, which are subjective. Desire less, and you lack less. 

Truthfully, your “money problem” is a challenge of feeling happiness with what you’ve already got. It’s a problem of being disconnected from the present moment.

Some years ago, I stumbled upon a practice that I began to do multiple times a day, and over several months, it changed my worldview from lack and “money as a problem” towards a deep feeling of security. I call it my energy reboot. You can use it, or find another practice that daily reminds you to return to your never-failing, eternal source of deep security, love and purpose. 

From a more positive mindset, you can then start to see money as an opportunity to fulfill other people’s wants, thereby creating more connection and advancement in the world. 

Here’s the thing:

Your income comes from other people’s spending.

People spend money on what they want (not necessarily what they need). It’s like a vote.

If you offer a service/product that others want, at a price that they feel is a good deal, they will happily give you money.

The money they pay has now connected two human beings, one who expresses a want, and the other who offers a solution to satisfy that want.

What you offer a customer/client, that they’re willing to pay for, is a clear indicator of what they believe will move their quality of life forward.

And because they’ve paid you, they are now more open to what you can offer to help them in the future.

With this greater understanding of what they want, and their willingness to be helped by you, you can then create additional products/services that further improve their quality of life, thereby, doing your part to contribute to humanity’s advancement.

If you offer what you think they need -- but not what they want -- you will not make money, no matter how low your price is. You’ve got to first offer what they want.

Your lack of money is an opportunity for you to better understand other people (especially your true fans) so that you can make a connection that they care about (offer something they want) so that you can help them (and therefore humanity) become better.

Money is not a problem to be solved. It is an opportunity for connection and progress. Remind yourself of this frequently. 

You’re essentially saying to someone, “let's get there together toward a vision we both wish for, at a cost that feels good to both of us.”

Reach out and gain more understanding of others’ wants. Help them fill those wants, and you will make enough money.