Content Creation & Distribution

 Content is important to begin the process of discovering your calling.

Creating and growing your own authentic business requires that you discover your authentic voice through content.  Then, sharing your content draws your ideal audience to you.

Here are the 4 parts:

(Click each title to access the module.)

1: Clarify the purpose of your content, and the formats you'll be using to share your message.

2: By experimenting with various methods, you will discover your natural way of creating content, as well as your ideal topics.

3: Learn the process of creating amazing content that your audience will want to share. 

4: Learn and practice the art of sharing / distributing your content to your ideal audience.

Take these modules step by step.  Don't be intimidated .  Take it at your own best pace.  You will get to where your heart wishes to go.  

As you learn, take the actions in a balanced, confident way, and always be open to experimentation.  Let your faith strengthen you in any "failures".  At the bottom of each of those module pages, there is a link where you can ask questions.  

I look forward to hearing about your progress, questions, and success stories!


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