Energy Reboot 2

​This is a simple spiritual practice that I do, multiple times a day, that has made a profound and positive difference in my work.

Since it takes only 30 seconds, I do it at least 3 times each working hour (except when in a meeting). 

I call it the Energy Reboot. Several years ago I published a blog post and video about it: Energy Reboot 1. (If you haven’t tried the first version, it’s a good starting point.)
Over the past 6 months I’ve been using a new version, which I’ll describe below. This new one is a good follow-on for those who have already done Energy Reboot 1 and wish to try something new.

Similar to the previous exercise, this new version also centers around deep breaths, while holding a specific thought per breath.

Each breath in a gentle deep inhale, a gentle slow exhale, a hand/arm movement, all while holding a specific thought…  

(I use the word “God” but you can replace it with any word that inspires you.)

Breath 1 -- both hands on the heart.
“Thank You God for bringing me here to this moment, through all the ups and downs.” 
(I take a moment to feel deep gratitude.)

Breath 2 -- both hands on the lower stomach.
“I know that You’ll bring me through everything… through all the ups and downs… all the way Home. Thank You.”

Breath 3 -- hands down to each side of the body, palms open and forward, in receiving posture.
“Thank You for the healing, dear Support Team!” 
(I try to feel, in my body, that healing energy is moving through me, from my spiritual support team. I often get a momentary shiver or goosebumps, which helps me imagine that it’s working.)

Breath 4 -- taking a nice big stretch, hands all the way above my head.
“Thank You for this moment of practice.”
(A moment of commitment to the practice of joyful productivity.)

Breath 5 -- hands slowly back down, ready to work.
“Thank You for giving me everything I need for this moment of work. May I bring Love.”

I do this at the start of each work hour -- and several more times during the hour, especially when I notice I feel stuck on a project. No matter what, I aim to do this Energy Reboot about once every 20-30 minutes during my working day. Sometimes, as often as every 5-10 minutes, if it’s a tough task.

An important point: this practice takes only 30 seconds. Keeping it short makes it more likely that I’ll do it often. 

Doing it often is key to shifting our state of being… creating joyful productivity on a consistent basis.

No matter how much of a hurry I’m in, I know that I can take 30 seconds to bring in good energy. If we are committed to living and working in a higher quality way, we can’t afford not to infuse our next moment with good energy.

Even at the end of a work period, I’ll do this practice, to reset myself for the next hour, and also to give thanks for having been brought through… “I knew that you would bring me through this hour. Yet again. Thank You.”

It also helps that these breaths are tied to hand/arm movements. It makes the affirmed thought (of gratitude or faith) more embodied -- more integrated into my body’s core feelings and way of being.

This 30 second practice sounds so subtle, but when done frequently, it allows me to move through every day with greater grace and productivity, no matter how distracting or tough the day is.

I hope you’ll give it a try and see it helps you. Again, the key is to do it frequently, not just once or twice a day.