Profound Ease while Building Your Authentic Business…

Profound Ease while Building Your Authentic Business…

Don’t we all wish that building an authentic business can feel “easy”? That just about any action you take in your business results in greater income? I offer a couple of reframes in this video that I hope will support true ease...

Posted by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach on Friday, September 1, 2023

Don’t we all wish that building an authentic business can feel “easy”?

That just about any action you take in your business results in greater income?

Yet, if we are fixated on the results — such as making a specific amount of money in a specific time — then business doesn’t feel “easy” unless there’s a guarantee of results and total comfort during the process.

You know that’s fantasy…

The truth is that the stronger your attachment to what the results must be, the more you’ll have to suffer and sacrifice along the way.

Reframing success

Instead of being fixated on results as your definition of success, what about focusing on improving your daily process — how you’re spending your time and your way of being as you work?

By caring more about the process itself (regardless of how the end result appears), you’ll more likely find your way into a deeper “ease”… even as you work towards big and inspiring goals.

This is an equally valid definition of success — continuous, gradual, improvement of your process. Kaizen.

Reframing outcomes

To have the courage and energy to focus on your process regardless of outcome requires a deep reframe…

Do you believe that no matter what, you’re going to be OK?

Will you figure out how to survive, whether or not your business works out?

You’ll always find a way.

Any outcome will always bring you either comfort… or an opportunity to grow. Either way, do you trust that somehow, you’ll be taken care of by a higher power or by your own innate intelligence?

We each need to discover our personal source of deep security.

Perhaps it’s the belief in ourselves and our abilities… or in our community to take care of us… or in God / Higher Power.

Connect to that source every day. In fact, I do this practice multiple times a day: energy reboot.

Our consistent practice sustains our feeling of profound “ease”…

The source of my ease

I believe in the eternal (and inevitable) positive evolution of my soul.

I’m not afraid of death. I believe my consciousness will go on, and through many experiences, will keep moving towards greater wisdom… love… and beauty.

I believe it is inevitable.

Since I’m not afraid of death, then everything else is put into perspective.

Potential failures? Losses and mistakes in my business? People criticizing me or writing me off? No big deal.

No matter what, it is all part of my journey of growth, toward the ultimate joy. That destiny is inevitable.

Therefore, I feel a profound ease everyday, and within everything I do…

Resting deeply while working

The source of my ease is the most stable rock on which I can truly depend — philosophically, emotionally, at the deepest core of my being. The most profound psychological safety.

This is why when I work, I feel deeply settled and at ease — deeply resting even while being active, and uncertain about outcomes.

Rest isn’t only about being physically inactive. Sure, I take naps, try to get good sleep at night, take time off every week, and I even take 1 week off of meetings every month.

Yet, the deepest rest can be experienced while being active.

Faith brings courage

My faith creates profound ease, which then gives me a lot of courage to take risks in my business.

To try many things, even though many projects may flop.

To try new and “scary” things. (I put “scary” in quotes because I’ve practiced reframing it as “experimentation”… and that is deeply fun!)

No matter what, I know that I am going to be fine.

Even though I have to continue to make money to pay the bills, my faith gives me the daily hope that I am moving in a positive direction… inevitably. I cannot screw that up, no matter what I do. To mess up God’s plan? I’m not that powerful 😉

Whichever Source you place your faith in, I wish for you that profound sense of deep security, every day.

May you feel liberated to see your business as a journey that contains the deepest level of fun — growth, meaning, and daily connection to your Source of profound Ease.