​Why I don’t aspire to be your guru

​I write often about the importance of building our ideal audience. To create a community of people who are our true fans, who love our work and presence.

However, that doesn’t mean we should aspire to be their guru…

Here’s what I see as the difference between having a true-fan audience, and being a guru:
In some ancient traditions, a guru is a revered spiritual guide. Some gurus command near-total devotion of their students. I respect the freedom to practice religion however one wis…

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How to build an audience from scratch for your business (or blog)

Photo by @angeloriggi on Unsplash
​Articles about building an audience for an online business or blog tend to cover tactics like Facebook Ads, collaborations & cross-promotions, and SEO (search engine optimization.)

I’ll share my thoughts on those, but let's start with the most important thing:

A true audience gives you their consistent attention.

The best audience to build is a loyal following that has grown to count on you, and therefore, an audience that you can count on to engage…

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​Don’t fear the criticism of people you know — they’re NOT the ones you’re making content for…

Judgmental Corgi -- Photo by @izzyloaf on Instagram

​To grow your audience, you need to create better content.

To create better content, you need to practice creating more content.

To create more content, you need to get over the fear of your audience.

​When you are feeling afraid to publish content, whose judgmental voice or face are you thinking of?

Don’t make your content for that person or group. 
Make it only with your true fans in mind — they love you no matter what.

Think ab…

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Start building an audience now — even if you have nothing to sell.

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(Originally written April 2018, updated Oct 2019.)

A regret for many entrepreneurs is that they didn’t start building their audience sooner.

If you might want to start a business one day, I recommend that you start growing your audience now.

For audience building, it does not matter if you don't yet have clarity about what you'll focus your business on. Of course message clarity helps, but you can still build an audience based on your personal brand fir…

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Don’t be afraid to lose people

PicturePhoto by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Gary Vaynerchuk curses a lot in his videos. This turns off a lot of people. (I used to dislike him a lot! Now? I’m a big fan.)

Seth Godin, who has written thousands of blog posts, never includes any images. He even has typos in his posts. (I’ve humbly emailed suggestions and he’s very open about making corrections.) He probably loses a lot of potential readers.

I ignored Seth for a long time, but kept hearing about him from trusted friends, so finally I …

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