The ARC of Content Creation: Authenticity, Relevance, Consistency

The ARC of Content Creation: Authenticity, Relevance, Consistency

How I think about a "quality" process for creating content: Authenticity is the starting point. Strive to be genuine in every piece you create, rather than carry an intention to sell. Let your content be an honest expression of your experiences. Relevance is next. Notice from your content pieces which ones resonate most with your audience. This teaches you how to meet them where they're at. Consistency is essential. This is how we build skillfulness over time. This is the ARC of content creation.

Posted by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach on Friday, December 8, 2023

When I think about the overall strategy of creating content, here are my 3 guiding values:




…or what I call the ARC of content creation.

Let’s explore how these principles make us excellent in our process of creating:


Authentic content arises from the motives of 1) genuine self-exploration and 2) a desire to serve humanity with ideas and creativity… without trying to sell anything during the content creation process. Read more: separate content from selling.

Don’t make your free content about promoting offers. Instead, articulate your truth at this time and serve your audience without needing reciprocation in that moment.

The less attached you are to engagement and sales results, the more authenticity is available to come through. Stay true to serving others and exploring yourself through content.

Ironically, authenticity builds trust and tends to increase engagement and sales long-term… but don’t create with that intention, or you’re instantly inauthentic.

It’s like trying to fall asleep — the moment you think “I need to relax,” you come out of relaxation. The moment you think “I need authentic content to boost sales,” you’re instantly attached to results and disconnected from authentic expression.

This is a constant practice for all of us.


After creating some authentic content, review which pieces over the last while have resonated most with your people based on their engagement. Study the patterns. Notice what ideas or communication style inspired their response.

Then lean into those topics, angles and formats, in service to connecting with your audience.

In our content, don’t try to sell to them, but rather, to connect from your heart of service.

This requires compassionately “meeting them where they’re at” instead of only being in your own head all the time.

Practice adjusting your content efforts based on what brings your audience alive.


All of us have busy lives and lots of distractions around us. Despite that, you must dedicate yourself to consistency if you want to grow in skilfulness as a creator.

I create content a minimum once a week, and I take one week off per month.

When starting out, I recommend creating even more often (e.g. 2–3x a week, or even 5–7x a week if you can) so that you can develop your creativity muscles, and learn how to create lightly.

Your consistency will also signal to your audience your devotion and reliability.

You Are A Creator

These principles guide my content journey. Take them and modify them to what fits you best. Discern what consistent rhythm and approach is sustainable for your life. Show up regularly… but be careful not to burn out.

What aspects of this ARC framework resonate most with you? 

If you were to create your set of principles, what might they be? Borrow as much from mine as you'd like. I welcome your thoughts.