Create lightly ✨

Create lightly ✨

Most of us are creating content not to be masterpieces, but to communicate a message or story we feel to be important or helpful. Therefore, don't worry about creating masterpieces. Create lightly.

Posted by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach on Friday, December 1, 2023

Most of us aren’t aiming to be professional artists. We’re messengers sharing our life experiences and skills to support others in transformation and wellbeing.

In our roles as coaches, healers, facilitators, and mentors, we explore and articulate valuable insights, not always as a means of promotion, but also as an act of service.

It’s easy to mistakenly view the act of content creation as a promotional vehicle for our services or products… but this leads to inauthenticity.

My approach is different: I see content creation as an opportunity to explore meaningful ideas, and to practice serving my audience, regardless of whether they make a purchase.

Rather than striving to create artistic masterpieces to impress potential clients, I advocate for creating lightly, every time.

Remember, you already possess more knowledge in your field than your average viewer or reader. Simply show up, consistently, to explore your authentic voice. You’ll naturally be sharing what’s worthwhile.

Don’t overburden yourself with trying to create high art. Instead, speak from the heart, whether through writing, podcasts, or videos. Share your message casually, focusing more on the authenticity of your expression rather than its polish.

You’ll find that clarity emerges more naturally from consistently articulating your ideas publicly, instead of only private journaling.

It’s a rare feat to sustain oneself financially purely from content creation, as famous YouTubers or podcasters do. Building a business around services, programs, or courses is a much more viable path. Avoid the trap of competing with the millions of content creators who produce for profit, or the hundreds of millions who enjoy doing it only for fun.

Offer your services and products regularly. But also keep creating content consistently. It’ll help audience growth, certainly, but more importantly, do it because creating helps you gain clarity and allows you to practice your heartfelt service.

Minister to your audience because you genuinely care about them, not just for potential sales.

Create lightly without the expectation of perfection. Explore what is meaningful to you, practice articulating it publicly, and let your content unfold naturally to serve people. This approach not only enriches your audience, but deepens your own understanding and connection to your work.

May you find joy in creating!