Upcoming Course: Time Management for Joyful Productivity

One of the essentials for business success is effective time management.

When you've mastered it, you feel calm and joyfully on purpose everyday. You can clearly see how your daily actions are connected to your bigger goals. You have a system (that you feel confident about) for achieving your dreams.

I’m excited to be teaching a course on time management that will help business owners be more joyfully productive. There are 3 areas I’ll be teaching: Effective Planning, Joyful Action, and Time Awareness. 

In this post I’ll briefly describe each.
Time Awareness

I begin with awareness because it’s the most practical, moment-to-moment improvement in our time management. If you master this area, you’ll naturally start to manage your time better.

Most of our day, we are in one trance or another. We’re on autopilot, not really conscious, just doing whatever is in front of us. 

Right now, you’re in a trance reading this text. Later today, you may be in a trance checking email, or thinking about your day, or working on some other task. 

Unawareness of our trances is what makes our days disappear. We wonder: what did we really accomplish?

We need to practice awareness or mindfulness of hours (and minutes) slipping away. Practice becoming conscious at least twice an hour, more often if possible, of what you are doing. This in-between moment, a pause, allows you to have conscious choice: is what I’m doing aligned with my purpose, or is there something better that I can use my time for?

Another deep benefit of becoming more aware of in-between moments, is that it allows us to bring more spirit into our work.

Joyful Action

Much of our work is, unfortunately, treated as a means to an end:
  • I do my job, so that I can have money to do what I really want.
  • I do my marketing and business administration, so that I can have clients and do my purposeful work, the work I want to be doing.

What if instead, we can find meaning and joy in everything that we do? 

The more in-between moments we can become aware of, the more we can breathe spirit and joy into the task at hand. Then every task can become purposeful because it is about how to love life in this moment. 

When we learn joyful action, our time management becomes filled with lighthearted play. We get to choose the most strategic activities, not being afraid or procrastinating on important tasks, knowing that every activity can be infused with joy. 

Effective Planning

A friend wrote this to me:

“Unfortunately, attempting to live a life without self-discipline, as I have been, results in discipline getting forced on me.”

It is a fact of life that either we humans discipline ourselves, or we get disciplined by other humans, or by Mother Nature.

Effective planning starts with naming a clear and reasonable vision of where we want to go, then deciding on a clear and reasonable strategy for getting there. 

Then, we schedule adequate time to work our strategy, as well as for self-care and rest. In other words, we discipline ourselves so that we don’t have to get disciplined by Life.

My favorite method for planning is: Capture > Categorize > Calendar. In the time management course I’ll demonstrate this and give you practice doing it. 

As I’ve written above, everything we do can be joyful. Both the planning, and the day to day implementation.

Most importantly for effective planning is that we will learn as we implement, and we should feel free to change the plan as we go. 


​Being more capable of effectively and joyfully using your time can increase your income by many thousands of dollars.

This was written to me by a client who knows me well:

“You get a lot done in a week, George! It's impressive and I'd love to see how you navigate your work schedule to include the must-do's that create a successful business, as well as how you take breaks and manage your energy.”

This is why I put together the time management course.

Join me for 3 practical and inspiring sessions to reboot your relationship to time. Create a healthier relationship to your calendar. Practice using your time and energy more productively. Learn from how I structure my work, rest, and family time. 

I'll be showing you my own calendar, and answering any questions you may have.  I'll also explain how you might modify my model depending on your stage of business.

Most importantly, you'll be given the structure to create (and optimize) your time management system, and encouraged to practice it right away. 

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