Examples of Mini-Courses

​One of the best products you can create — especially in these times — is online courses. Millions of people love taking classes online.

And if you love to learn (which you do since you’re reading this post!) then you, too, have something to teach. You have the potential to create and launch your own online courses.

I facilitate a support group for creating/launching online courses, and many of the members are just launching their first course.

​Check out the following examples of simple mini-courses. These are being launched by my group members now. Click the link of each title to learn more. May these inspire you to consider creating your own!
Calming Mind for Body Rejuvenation with EFT
An entry-level EFT mini-course; learn how to go to a calm place in the mind. Use healthy ways to deal with triggered anxiety and physical symptoms. 30–40 minutes/day, Zoom live or recorded, with daily practices/demonstrations to release and shift. — By Jenny Li Ciccone.
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Bold Boundaries for Better Balance: An Introductory Course
Get balanced and grounded by setting healthy boundaries in your life. See how cherishing yourself and speaking your truth can lead to more peace and fulfillment. Move through those emotions that have been holding you back, and take small, yet bold steps towards creating relationships that fit YOU! — By Donna Schuster.
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How To Experience Abundance Through Gratitude
Gratitude is proven to bring abundance to so many people. It can do that for you, too. After 3 years of interviewing 200 inspiring people on The Gratitude Podcast, I’ve put together a course for those who want to learn how to experience abundance through gratitude. — By Georgian Benta.
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Riding the waves, honouring your grief
Riding the Waves is a self-directed 5-module journey through loss and heartbreak into deep joy, using body-based healing techniques, creative writing prompts and story. — By Janelle Hardy.
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Embody Your Worth
Fear layoff? Lost your motivation? Re-evaluating your work role? In this 5 Part self-paced course, you’ll gain motivation and confidence to live your full potential. Get clarity on your purpose/mission to fuel your career passion and guide your decisions. Evolve to keep yourself relevant. — By Deanne Carter.
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Intro to Body Wisdom
3-session course exploring your life experiences; understand the science behind reactivity; be supported through engaging physical practices to shift uncomfortable experiences, transforming your ability to manage life’s challenges. — By Angela Ferri.
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Enhance Your Vision Through iPhone Artistry
What is the best camera in the world? Your iphone. It’s always with you, doesn’t weigh more than a pound, fits in your pocket, and makes things simple. The freedom it gives you to create is mind boggling. Few people come as in artists, but most leave as energized creators. — By Beth Grimm.
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How to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep
Are you a business owner who would love to wake up every morning feeling well rested and energized to start your day? Join this 5-week course + mastermind — Natural & Effective Holistic approach to better sleep, that is designed to help you fall asleep easily, and stay asleep. — By Judy Solomon
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Marketing and Monetization 101: Get paid for your skills and talents
You have unique skills and talents… now discover how to get paid for them! In this 90-minute masterclass, you will learn the basics of marketing and monetizing your passion. You will walk away from this fun and affordable class with clarity, confidence, and a sense of direction. — By Berenike Schriewer.
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Introduction to Human Design for Sensitives
It is possible to understand how to manage your Energetic Sensitivity effectively, and with gentleness too. Learn more about your specific gifts and challenges, so you can move towards a more empowered life as a Sensitive. Simple and potent self-paced mini course. — By Bingz Huang.
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Heart Consciousness
Heart Consciousness is an invitation to open and heal your Heart. As Humanity prepares to co-create Heaven-On-Earth, each one must be ready to enter this new reality with their hearts open. Create a new picture of reality and align with your True Essence’s Purpose with 5D tools. — By Gema Ramírez.
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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Foundations
In this practical course we will identify the main blockers and enhancers to connected, peaceful communication. Use your emotional intelligence to improve your relationships through connected and honest conversations. Grow in your ability to face and resolve conflicts. — By Nati Beltran.
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Your turn? :)

As you can see above, a variety of topics! When you go to those links, you’ll also see that people use different tech platforms to launch their course.

The key is to keep it simple and doable, and to learn by launching!Perhaps by simply witnessing these examples, you’ll be inspired and ready to create your own online mini-course.

If you would prefer to do this with my guidance and an encouraging community of support (we help you figure out your best course topics and answer any questions about tech and marketing!) consider joining us:
Support group to help you create and launch your online courses.