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Uncomplicate your business.  Focus 80% on what works.

A question I received from an email subscriber, that some of you can likely relate to:

"I need to slow down. I find myself continuing to be drawn to high energy coaches who offer intense and very expensive programs. But when I sit with myself, I know that approach is not healthy or soulful for me. In fact, my fears and anxieties are triggered. Your approach has always been very soothing for me. Soulful. Gentle. Driven by spiritual principles and heart-centred wisdom. My main challenge currently, I believe, is to slow down in order to hear what is needed next. Then in that peaceful frame of mind, to create a sustainable business model that can meet my financial goals. It feels I have been on a hamster wheel for a very long time, generating a lot of good ideas, constantly trying to “figure it out”, and serving clients only to a fraction of my potential. (and continuing to struggle financially). My energy is scattered and I am drained by the many things I have started (FB pages that are not being used, or not having simple systems in place, for example). I need help decluttering my mind and business space to move ahead with confidence ~ so that I have a bigger plan but know how to break it down and have clarity about what to do each week/day to work my plan and serve my clients."


I appreciate this person's email to me. It takes self-awareness to realize that one needs to get off the hamster wheel, to stop learning from experts who are actually triggering more fear and anxiety within us. I deeply honor this person's path, and her question.

Here is my response:

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With a positive intention, what you do is enough for today...

On a scale of "1 to 10" let's say that your goal is numbered at a "10". If so, then where are you now in relation to that?

Do you feel like you are at a 2?  5?  8?

If you're working on your goal today, just try to get to the next little number. For example go from 5 to a 6.

​Or from a 2 to a 2.1.

Our anxiety and self-blame come from a mistaken belief that we're supposed to go from a 2 to a 10 much faster than we actually can, given all the circumstances and challenges that are a reality in our life.

Someone else with your same goal might get to a 10 much faster, but you *have no idea* how much help they have had. Nor do you know how much simpler their life actually is, compared to yours. (This is true especially if you have children to take care of... or aging parents in your care.) You have your own road to walk. Others have theirs. Getting to a "10" doesn't actually matter. It's walking the road with joy, and love...

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How to build "authority" with your audience authentically?

How marketing is done, and taught, in my industry of coaching, often feels either fake or pushy.

You're supposed to set yourself up as an "authority"... make your personal brand look amazing, maybe make your company look bigger than it actually is. Yet, at the end of the day, you don't feel like you can really be yourself in your marketing.

What I've discovered is that I can be myself and do fine in my marketing. And I believe that can be true for you as well...

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when you're feeling depressed about your business...

I often talk about the importance of coming back to your heart of Service, in all your interactions with your clients, and prospective clients.

Yet... what if you are feeling demoralized right now, from lack of clients in your business? What if you feel anxious or scared about the future? How can you still stay in the heart of service?

I appreciate this question, and honor where you are at. Certainly, I have been there. And even the established businesses, like mine, still experience these feelings from time to time.

Here's my response...

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There are enough hours in a day for your heartbeats...
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​Had shift in perception recently… 

...a profound change in my daily experience... the realization was that Divine Love is far stronger and more generous than *all* of my fears, and *all* of my doubts, forever.

The divine pleasures -- the feelings of deep Peace, experiences of spiritual Joy, awareness of agápē Love... the Divine wants us to experience those pleasures everyday, every minute, even while we are here.

Life is a school, and what am I learning?

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What really launched my business and put it on the map?

Connecting with influencers and creating simple "joint ventures" with them.

I've now successfully created dozens of JV partnerships, and taught hundreds of others to do the same.

In this workshop, I'll teach my best and current ideas about Authentic Networking and Mindful JV's.

Your business can very likely benefit from this -- whether you're just launching, or, if you're already established and would like to scale up.  I too use these methods actively.

There are only 2 dates for this workshop.  Choose the one that works best for you: May 3 or 10.  

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That's all for this newsletter.  I hope you enjoyed it!  

May you experience more of your true livelihood, and deliver deeper positive impact.

~ George Kao

George Kao has taught and coached many people into growing their marketing authentically, and building their true livelihood. 

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