Develop an urgency to create content

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay
Nothing in my business is as important as being in a consistent rhythm of content creation.

It is how I get smarter in my field.

It’s how I develop the writings and videos that sometimes get shared, thereby allowing new fans and clients to find me.

More than anything else I do, creating content is how I give back.
It’s my ministry and mission.

​Your wisdom, life lessons, skills, knowledge can help to transform so many people's lives! If you’re not being consistent in creating content, what's holding you back?
Whether you want to write blog posts, make videos, record podcasts, post images, or create courses, develop an urgency for getting into -- and maintaining -- a rhythm of consistent creation.

Not only can your content alleviate confusion and suffering in the world, and plant seeds that blossom into positive change, by creating, you’ll also be growing yourself professionally.

When it comes to content, you get to quality through quantity.

Each day that I work on my business, I am also reflecting on the next piece of content I’m going to create.

It’s the foundation of my business creativity.

“But I need to figure out my niche / ideal audience first…”

Maybe you are putting the cart before the horse. 

I recommend you start with saying whatever you already know that might help others. Share whatever you have a passionate opinion about. 

By doing so, clarity begins to form.

Be careful about defining your niche too early. Clarity about your Calling comes from your content... not the other way around.

“But I need to first get my website or social media ready…”

This is a frequent stumbling block — the belief that somehow, you can’t get started with content because something else isn’t ready: your website, your Facebook Cover image, your “About” section, etc.

What I’ve learned from 10 years of coaching entrepreneurs: There’s always something that isn’t quite ready!

“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late…” — Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin, the largest professional platform in the world.

The same goes for your online profile or website. If you’re still waiting to get your ducks in a row, and you’re not creating content, you are delaying the true growth of your online presence.

The truth is that even if a lot of people see your content, very few of them will actually visit your website, Facebook Page, or whatever. If they like your content they will want to see more of your content, not judge your website!

Develop the urgency to get into the rhythm of your content creation first, and then after that’s in place, get started creating or improving your website, social media presence, or anything else.

You are perfect enough. You know enough. You are ready.

“But what if I lose potential clients from a bad first impression?”

The only situation where you should be concerned with making bad impressions is if you were forever stuck in a small village with no internet. Obviously, that's not true.

The reality is that you have almost unlimited number of people to reach online. As of 2020 there are at least 4 billion people onlineImagine a random group of 1,000 people who are online. Let's say that only 1 person out of 1,000 would resonate with your content… that is still more than 4 million internet users who could be your fans!  

If you develop your skills of content creation, your message will be shared, such that even those who may have originally dismissed you, will eventually pay attention. I’ve seen this again and again.

In fact, I feel embarrassed when I look at some of my earliest content pieces. We all start somewhere.

I hope that in the future, when I read the stuff I’m writing now, I’ll be embarrassed then. We are always in development, a work in progress forever.

You have to create and publish to truly learn and grow.

Don’t worry about making a bad first impression. You have an unlimited number of chances.

“But what if I disappoint my friends / colleagues / family / network?”

The worst inner landscape for making content is to imagine the critical or disappointed looks of your friends or family.

Here's a thought: they are not your audience. Truly. If you plan to grow your audience, by definition that means the vast majority of your future fans don’t even know about you yet. 

Make your content for your future ideal fans, and they will find you.

When you are making content, imagine the eager reception by your true fans. There are plenty of them out there. You just need to distribute enough content so they have a chance to discover you!

No matter your message, your background, what kind of voice you have, how you look, there are many people online for whom your content is just what they need. Get your content out there so that it can finally reach them.

Always remember: Clarity arises as a result of content, not the other way around.

Get started asap.

Don’t let another day go by.

Get into a consistent rhythm of making content.

By doing so, you will develop true clarity. You'll be creating your body of work, and your legacy.

The only way to overcome fear and hesitation -- transformed into clarity and confidence -- is by taking action.