Your Content and Ads are a Ministry

Photo by Natalie Grainger on Unsplash
No one in history has your exact combination of life experiences.

No one has the blend of challenges you’ve experienced, nor resolved them in your specific way.

No one has your unique voice, personality, and style, nor your synthesis of experience, skills, and passion.

There are people who will resonate with you and your message like nobody else they’ve ever encountered.

Your ideal audience is helped by you, in your area of expertise, more than they can be helped by anyone else.

Therefore, what if shifted your mindset about content creation -- and running Ads to promote your content -- from being a marketing chore, to being a ministry in and of itself?
When your content reaches your ideal audience, it blesses them.

Your content is a service in and of itself.

The change that your content helps someone to make, ripples out and blesses the people in their lives as well.

This is why I preach the message of authentic, relevant, consistent content: some people need your help more than anything else. The unique combination of your experiences and voice resonates deeply with them.

Think of the act of reaching your ideal audience — those who are most helped by you — as a mission, a cause, a ministry.

The quickest way to reach your ideal audience is through paid ads of your content.
My favorite method is Facebook Ads because it’s smart enough to help you find the thousands of people most likely to engage with your content, i.e. the people who can most be helped by you. (Note: I teach a related online course: Facebook Ads for Authentic Marketing.)

What if buying Facebook Ads for your content, to reach and help your ideal audience — without any attachment to them buying from you — is one of the most beneficial ways to spend your charity dollars?

Whichever kind of paid ads you run to promote your content, don't look at it as just another marketing channel, but as an act of service.

The Ripple Effect of Your Content

In the topics you love helping people with, there are thousands (perhaps millions) of individuals who will be profoundly changed by your story and message. They are struggling in life, or they’ve hit a wall, and your content might just be the key that unlocks a new door for them.

Who knows? Maybe your content, in reaching your ideal audience, makes as big a difference as any effective charity. Sure, it'll be hard to measure in terms of lives saved or houses built, but then again, how does one measure the ripple effect of a heart transformed, or a mind changed

When people start to treat themselves and the people around them with greater love and wisdom, it goes on to create more profound changes than we can imagine.

Consider this possibility -- your most effective volunteer hours, and your most effective charity dollars, might be to get your unique message to the people who need it most.

Commit To Your Most Important Work

Commit to creating your content passionately, authentically, consistently -- as an act of service to your ideal audience. Buy ads to spread that content to the thousands who need your help.

Of course, the more of your ideal audience consume your content, the more of them may want to engage with your paid services or buy your products. If so, your business will fulfill its mission even more.


Have no attachment to whether they buy from you.
Keep a higher intention of helping, of service, of love.

In this way, you'll infuse your content with more heart, and by removing any attachment to any specific profit, and you’ll prevent potential resentment.

Occasionally observe your stats to see what content is helping your audience the most. This will inspire you to make additional relevant content in service to their growth.

Allow the money-making (and even their appreciation of you) to be a byproduct -- a delightful surprise -- rather than what you’re entitled to.

This way, as you do your marketing actions with a heart of service, you are doing authentic marketing!