Your Content (and Ads) are an Important Ministry

Your Content (and Ads) are a Ministry

Many people are unable to be consistent in creating content because they don't understand the power of creating for their personal growth and service to humanity...

Posted by George Kao, Authentic Business Coach on Friday, January 5, 2024

No one in history has had your exact life experiences.

No one has had the blend of challenges you’ve experienced… nor resolved them in your specific way.

No one has your unique voice, personality and style, nor your combination of experiences, skills, and passions.

Believe me, there is a group of people in the world who will resonate with you and your message like nobody else they’ve encountered within your field.

Your ideal audience — those who resonate deeply with your energy signature — might benefit from your presence and expertise more than anyone else in your industry.

Therefore, your content (and your ads) can be seen as a “ministry” to them. (To “minister” is to serve someone’s well-being.)

What if you shifted your mindset about content creation — and running ads to promote your content — from being a marketing chore, to being a ministry in and of itself? That’s how I see my marketing.

Going forward, I hope that you always remember this — when your content reaches your ideal audience, it’s a blessing for them. Your free content can be created and shared as a true service from your heart.

The Ripple Effect of Your Content

The shift that your content helps someone to make, ripples out and blesses the people in their lives as well.

There are thousands (perhaps millions) of individuals who can be positively touched by your message and unique presence. They are struggling in life, or they’ve hit a wall, and your content might just be the key that unlocks a door for them.

Who knows? Maybe your content, in reaching your ideal audience, makes as big a difference as any charity might? Sure, it may be hard to measure in terms of lives saved or houses built, but then again, how does one measure the ripple effect of a heart transformed, or a mind changed?

When people start to treat the people around them — and themselves — with more love and wisdom, it goes on to create shifts in the world that are more profound than you can imagine.

Therefore, what if the most effective and powerful “volunteering” you can do in this life is to create and share more… to put more of your energy signature into your content so that it makes even more of a difference?

If you could spend some money to reach your ideal audience — the people who need your content the most — that you yearn to serve with your creativity and heart-based services, wouldn’t it be worth it?

This is why I spend much of my social media advertising dollars to extend my service-oriented content to people who can most use it. I advertise content that doesn’t have a call-to-action but simply a message meant to shift their perspective and uplift them.

Some people are uniquely positioned to benefit from your service more than anyone else’s. The unique combination of your experiences and style resonates deeply with them.

See the project of reaching your ideal audience — those who are most helped by you — as a mission, a cause, a ministry.

In my decade of experience in promoting content, I’ve found that the quickest way is by boosting your content through paid social media ads.

My favorite is Facebook/Instagram Ads, because it’s smart enough to help you find the thousands of people most likely to engage with your content, yet being more affordable than any other advertising platform. (Note: I teach an online course about this — see Facebook/Instagram Ads for Authentic Marketing.)

What if buying FB/IG Ads for your content, to reach your ideal audience — without any attachment to them buying from you — is one of the most beneficial ways to spend your “charity” dollars? What if you ran ads with the sole intent of providing content to the people your content can most help?

Whichever kind of ads you run to promote your content, don’t look at it as just another marketing channel, but as an act of service.

Commit To Your Most Important Work

Commit to creating your content passionately, authentically, consistently — as an act of service to your ideal audience. Use some of your business budget to buy ads to spread your content to the thousands who could benefit greatly from your message.

Of course, it’s not just a ministry, but has benefits for your business as well — when more of the right people consume your content, you’ll see that more people will want to engage with your services or buy your products.


Have no attachment to whether or not they buy from you.

Keep a higher intention in your content of helping, of service, of love.

In this way, you’ll infuse your content with your authenticity and, by removing any attachment to any specific profit, you’ll prevent potential resentment of your audience.

Occasionally, observe your stats to see what content is helping your audience the most: notice which content they engage the most with. This will inspire you to make relevant content to serve them even better.

Be aware of your expectations. Allow the money-making (and even their appreciation of you) to be a byproduct — a delightful surprise — rather than what you’re entitled to. It’s an ongoing practice, one that will keep your business soulful.

This way, as you do your marketing actions with a heart of service, you are doing authentic marketing.

You Grow by Creating

Creating isn’t just about helping others. The first person that your content actually ministers to… is you. (Thanks to my friend Gregory Vahanian for this insight.)

When you explore deeply, and create from the heart, you’re the first one that your content heals and transforms.

Therefore, create and share for its own sake: the action of exploring and creating serves you, not to mention having a ripple effect in the world.

And, the more you consistently and powerfully do this, the more your business happens to grow as well.

Originally written in 2019. Updated in 2024.